TTE420 Upgrade Performance Turbocharger VAG 2.0 TFSI

Latest S3 TTE420 Result from our friends over at R-Tech Performance Tuning

Alexei Andreyev's AUDI S3 made 422PS 520Nm @1.8bar peak approx

Hardware list :

- CDL engine with stock internals
- Revo Cold Air Intake
- TTE420 Upgrade Turbo
- Airtech Stg2 intercooler
- AKS Runner Flap Delete
- BCS Powervalve exhaust (resonated with 200cell Cat)
- TTRS LPFP with stock controller
- Upgrade HPFP
- AKS Cam follower roller conversion
- AKS 165bar fuel return valve
- RS3 8V injectors
- Millers Nanodrive oil
- Shell VPower (99RON) fuel
- R-TECH ECU & DSG Software


Fortu Ancora's GOLF GTI MK5 DSG by LD WORKS Revlimit Ecu Tuning Italia

- TTE 420 turbocharger
- Forged Engine
- Full 76 mm decat exhaust
- Wagner Intercooler
- AEM V2 WMi
- Custom cold air intake
- Hpfp and lpfp upgrade
- Revlimit ecu / tcu multimap Stage 3 file
- 100 ron pump fuel

100-200 7.68 corrected & verified time

ranked on TTE OWNERS TIMES in 26th position

Fantastic TTE420 time! Hats off to Fortu and LD WORKS REVLIMIT ITALIA. Great performance guys


Steve Summers Lotus Exige TTE420

VAG BHZ S3 motor
TTE420 Turbo
REC pistons (10.5:1)
PEC rods ARP bolts
ACL bearings
Balance shaft delete
Runner flap delete
custom intake
S3 injectors
Toyota coil packs
1.8T oil filter modification
Fluidamper pully
PWR charge cooler
R8 valve springs & supertech valves

422ps 536Nm (417HP 396ftbls) 98RON 1.7Bar peak linear track DRY tune

314ps 366Nm (310HP 270ftbls) 98RON 0.9Bar linear track WET tune

Built and tuned by Datum Motorsport


Cupra K1 TTE420 R-TECH Software

99RON Fuel 438ps 570nm

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VW Golf 6 R 2.0 TFSI 270pk by Automobielbedrijf B. van Riel
ORG/OEM: 270pk & 350Nm
JD Stage 4: 437pk & 552Nm

TTE 420 turbo
Full Milltek with 200 cells sportcat
DSG upgrade clutch
VW Racing intercooler
Autotech HPFP
VW Racing air intake
Wanutblasted intake
RS4 rail valve
JD Stage 4 software
JD DSG Stage 3 software
RON102 fuel

Solid results from the TTE420 last week - ECU map tweaked by Niki at R-Tech after the decat and RS3 injector head mod by AKS Tuning.
Peak results:
420bhp @ 5800rpm
445ftlb @ 4140rpm

Power mods list:
Software: R-Tech custom ECU and R-Tech custom TCU
Air: Revo CAI, Airtec Stg2 IC, TTE420 turbo, AKS RFD, decat Powervalve exhaust
Fueling: TTRS LPFP, LOBA HPFP, AKS TSI Follower Roller upgrade, RS4 FRV, RS3 8V Injectors with AKS head mod


435HP 588Nm

Hi everybody! I currently run apr stg2+ in my s3 8p, i just wanted to know if i have a tte420 can I keep the same ecu with apr? Is it going to work just upgrading the k04 to a tte420? What are pros and cons? Will I see any gain? Thank you in advance for your response
Sorry to jump in chaps, some awesome kit here.
A quick one for TTE though, can you drop me a pm re the TTE420 setup for an A4 b7 2.0tfsi, I'd like to purchase a setup but just need a chat first.

What additional modifications do I need to run a TTE420 on a Audi A3 8P 2.0 TFSi EA888 Gen 1?

Gearbox map, intercooler, downpipe, that it?

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What additional modifications do I need to run a TTE420 on a Audi A3 8P 2.0 TFSi EA888 Gen 1?

Gearbox map, intercooler, downpipe, that it?

You will also need a uprated high pressure fuel pump if im not mistaken.

Some people get a whole new pump and other just uprate the internals with like a autotech kit etc

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Anyone knows hat is modify in this car?

"Congratulations to Jason Espitia in his awesome looking TTS TTE420 APR Tuned ride.

11.6 sec 1/4 mile in Columbia (3000FT Above sea level)"

Ranks 38 on the official TTE Owners times :