TTE420 Upgrade Performance Turbocharger VAG 2.0 TFSI

Dan Svarups 2007 Audi S3 2.0 TFSI (BHZ)

TTE420 Upgrade Turbo
APR TTE420 software provided by Awesome GTI
Revo Cold Air Intake
Pipewerx 3" Downpipe & decat with Milltek Resonated exhaust
Runner Flap Delete
S3 Injectors (stock)
Autotech HPFP
155bar FPRV

423 BHP 437 FT/LBS / 592 NM - DIN Smoothing
411 BHP 425 FT/LBS / 576 NM - SAE Smoothing

The dyno plots shows Revo 2+ in red and APR420 in blue.

More info from Dan shared in TTE owners and fans group on Facebook

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Does revo do a file for this turbo or is it just a generic stage 2 file running your turbo?
Does revo do a file for this turbo or is it just a generic stage 2 file running your turbo?
REVO do not have software for no, so until do, i dont recomend the standard files for my hardware. Have been good results but are tweeked files im told.

Best ask in our TTE owners group on this car, im not sure of details but owner is in there and posted the results and info on what you ask.. please ask join and ask questions
Ok that's good to know, i know you don't recommend it but at least the car is safely drivable with standard software.
Well that would need checking and loging and i wouldnt offer warranty if any issue as is stock turbo software.
S3 TTE420 414PS 595NM Sl-tuning

TheTurboEngineers TTE420 P&P Turbo
Wagner Tuning intercooler
Sachs Performance clutch
HG-Motorsport exhaust
90/76mm Downpipe mit 1x 200 cpi Kat
Intake pump upgrade
Autotech Hpfp Upgrade
stock motor

Ollie's TTE420 Turbocharged VW ED30 Tuned with custom R-Tech Performance Tuning software.

442ps 588nm 99 fuel 1.85-1.4bar (no wmi) 99 fuel @18psi boost (no wmi)

Rich's VW GOLF 6R TTE420 with yet again custom R-Tech Performance Tuning software. 422ps 566Nm

SLS Tuning VW GOLF GTI ED30 TTE420 434PS 560NM

IQS Golf R Racing, TTE420
420PS 580Nm

DVX S3 Stage 4+:
- TTE420
- CTS Turbo intercooler and air intake
- Upgrade HPFP
- Forge Motorsport divertor valve
- RS4 injectors
- Reinforced clutch
- 98 fuel (no wmi)
- Custom DVX Remap
- 423PS 521Nm

New TTE420 result from R-Tech Performance Tuning

Sam's Seat Leon TTE420 with Rtech software


TTE420 Turbo (ported)
3.5" relentless full downpipe, decat and milltek catback,
Custom intake
All uprated intercooler hoses
Apr hpfp
Dw lpfp
155bar valve
Forge super size DV
Wmi, dual nozzle (not mapped for)
Helix clutch
Revo engine mounts
Rtech Pcv delete

Shell vpower 98

424HP 426 Ftlbs (429 PS 577Nm)

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Polo WRC, TTE420 From Sl-Tuningsolutions

421 PS / 597 NM (EWG)

TTE420 Doing The Business Again..

Callum Stockdale's VW GOLF GTI ED30 TTE420 Tuned by R-TECH 430PS 577Nm 1.8bar boost pressure, 99 shell vpower (no wmi)

TTE 420 turbo
RS4 injectors
Upgrade HPFP
155 fpr
Cts discharge and throttle pipes
Peron intercooler
Bcs powervalve system
R-tech pcv delete
Evap delete
Super pro front polybushed and rear
Tyrol subframe kit
034 motorsport engine mounts (street)
Vibratechnics subframe mount
Bilstein b12 sportline kit
Ttrs topmounts
H&R front and rear anti roll bars
Helix smf + Helix organic clutch
Quaife lsd

MK2 S3 APR Colombia got the following results with APR TTE420 & software:
- S3 8P APR Stage 2+ 95 RON (310whp / 335 wtq)
- S3 8P APR TTE420 95 RON (370whp / 410 wtq)
- S3 8P APR TTE 420 108 RON (430whp / 445 wtq)

Great TTE420 result on Rtech Software using 98 fuel

422.2 bhp 428 ftlb at 1.7 bar boost peak (428PS 579Nm). Over 350ft lbs at 3k rpm !

Russ's golf is a sleeper for sure

Need some help I'm looking to buy this turbo but not sure if I can run this turbo on stoke internals on a golf gti mk5 axx engine
I know all the other mods that I need to do but this what I'm not sure of ??
New result from R-tech

ED30 TTE420
1.85BAR Peak

445PS 578Nm

Great Spool too!!

Not having a dig, what's the safe peak boost of these, they breeze 420 but obviously get pushed harder for more. I just was curious how it affects longevity?
There happy at 2+ bar. Years ago all guys in Germany was pushing 2.2 -2.4

Few ecotune (scotland) cars at 2.2+ years on no issues

But much depends on the set-up. Tuners now worked out the best hardware and other to make optimum power at lower boost so better all round.

Really this turbo is Bullet proof for reliability as are all and its due to premium parts and precision balancing & engineering.
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Teamcowie's Seat Supercopa TTE420

Soon to go TTE480

Driver motorsport tuned Golf R TTE420

GOLF R TTE420 Vs 335I N54 full bolt on's and wmi

AKS tuning Built Sirocco R TFSI TTE420

TTE420 turbo - Revo Intake - Peron Fmic - BCS powevalve exhaust - stock injectors at 160bar - loba hpfp - ttrs intank pump - rfd - helix clutch -R-TECH custom map - 98 pump fuel

Boost peak at 2860mb in the torque band tailing to 2660mb for peak power of 431hp at 6100rpm tailing to 2400mb and 410hp at 7000rpm.

TTE420 Mk5 Golf ED30 6MT

Low down torque capped using timing and vvt as the car showed signs of clutch slip. (back soon for tweek when on new clutch) But look at the great turbo spool response (arrowed)

TTE420 Turbo - S3 injectors- draft42 intake - 170bar reg - rfd - twintercooler setup - BCS Powervalve turbo back exhaust. 427hp 411lbft with 1.85bar for the torque band which tails to 2500mb at 7400rpm - R-TECH custom map - 98 ron pump fuel