battery drain a4 1.8t quattro 2001 b6

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Nov 23, 2014
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maidstone kent
can anyone shed some light on this my audi alarm keeps going off i have changed the alarm siren in boot with a second hand unit that was still packaged so hasent been used before i occasionaly get the beeping from the boot but not all the time also just got car back from garage as it went in to try to find why battery is draining overnight it has a brand new battery and all is charging ok i have picked the car up and they are telling me it is the steering angle sensor that is draining the battery and want £415.66 to fix this but cant guarantee it will stop the drain has anyone had this happen to their vehicle they also gave me a list of other faults which make no sense to me so if any one could offer some advice it would be appreciated as this has pushed me in the direction now just to sell it which is not really what i want to do


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