Strange noise (like a relay) when A1 2.0 TDI rev'd


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Feb 9, 2014
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Hey All

the wife has an A1 2.0TDI Black Edition which we we've had since about May,, over the last month or so there is a strange noise that you can hear only when the engine is running , I thought it was Air Con or something as I've noticed it while driving in the cold over the last few weeks.

Ive just checked for any codes with VCDS and there was only an error on 5F that I've cleared but while I was doing that I was revving the engine and this noise is there all the time ... sounds like a relay or valve that opens or runs when you rev the engine,, it seems the harder you rev the car the longer the noise stays for after you take the foot off the pedal ?

Any idea's before I take it back to the Stealers ?

Cheers markm
Hmmm, no idea! Can you get a video of it (film the rev counter so we can see revs/noise ratio)...
Took it in to the local stealers, it's a valve on the side of the turbo ? X742 or some thing like that, it's getting replaced Friday :)
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Ok so slightly wrong , it was the N74 (or N75) valve on the side of the turbo, I'm told it controls the actuator , it could be me just thinking it but I'm sure the car drives better higher up the Rev range lol