A couple of s3 light questions

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Nov 15, 2014
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Afternoon all. I have tried the search function and was unable to answer my 2 questions. Hopefully you fine car enthusiasts will be able to assist.

Should my headlights move when turned on? Up down?

Looking to change the bulbs, how do you remove the existing ones? Is there anything else required before cracking on?

Many thanks in anticipation.
The S3 has xenons, so yes, they should do a self-levelling thing when you first turn them on.
Cheers mate, mine don't. Great, something elese to have fixed. Thanks for the reply
Unfortunately if the levelling isn't working, it will fail it's next MOT :-(

Good luck
Great news thanks. Glad I know of a friendly tester. So will I need new ones?
While technically it could fail chances are it won't... depends if they actually test it or not...

Anyhoo... the fault is either the motors which are known to fail and/or a problem with the self levelling sensors... front sensor is under nearside front wheel arch and has what looks like a bent arm connecting it to the front suspension arm... rear is nearside again and connected to the lower tie bar... its common for these to get broken by people being a little over enthusiastic when lowering suspension or fitting rear springs at least....

Cheers mate. Will take a look tomorrow and see if it's the simple and hopefully cheap quick fix. Chance will be a fine thing.
Well the rear arm linking to the sensor was snapped. Fixed this to discover both in the headlights are goosed so new headlights required. Changed the bulbs though and manually adjusted them.
Cheers Tuffty. Will show that diagram to someone who will know what I need!
Since I have owned my 2000 S3 it hasn't failed an MOT and it doesn't self level.

The lights have been set to a height appropriate and haven't moved. I know my sensors are fine so motors could be the issue. I as yet haven't got round to purchasing any but its on the list.
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