Driveshaft problem!!


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Dec 29, 2014
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New owner here of a 1998 Audi A3 with 1.8t engine with 5 speed manual box.
Had a new clutch fitted 5 weeks ago but may but totally unrelated to this problem.

LHS driveshaft failed on me a few days ago and I got recovered home.

Jacked car up on axle stands and removed damaged driveshaft as per sticky on here.
When I replaced with new driveshaft from Eurocarparts (Q-drive £40 so quality not going to be brilliant
but thats another story).
Bolted everything up, started engine and put in 1st gear.
RHS axle spinning lovely and feeling pleased with myself but when I went round to the LHS the disc wasn't spinning.
Its as if the force from breaking the driveshaft has damaged the lhs output as its not revolving. ie damaged differential??

Am I doing/missing something stupid?

Thanks for any help.

Please can someone confirm that it I take the LHS driveshaft back off tomorrow and then start engine with just RHS driveshaft fitted,
that the right hand side disc will spin when first gear is engaged and the LHS gearbox output shaft also revolves?
If my LHS stays stationary then there must be a fault with gearbox/differential??
Both shafts should spin when in first I would say when the shaft broke it may have caused damage to the differential did you try and spin the wheel to see if there was any out of the norm noises to be on the safe side I would drop the drive shaft that is not spinning and check to see if the joint is ok and check the gearing on the diff end. Hope this helps mate
Yes thats what I thought I'd do tomorrow.
Assuming LHS output flaange doesn't rotate when I engage 1st gear, is it a new gearbox I need or a diff problem?
Not to sure on ur car as I have a 1.6 akl gearbox when I reconed my gearbox there was 6 bolts that held a casing that covered the diff bit that the shafts connect to so if you have the same pop that cover off and have a look at the diff bit you might get lucky if its a fault there you can fix it while the cars on stands. Another thing that poped in to my head not sure if it applys to your car but I did a recon gearbox for a mates 07 astra and had to drop both shafts when I put them back I found out that both shafts had to line up a certain way to work rite like they had to interlock but as I said I'm not to sure if that applys to you. I would deffo get under and get some one to spin the wheel that won't move under power see if you can hear anything dodgy near the diff. There has to be a reason why a shaft stapped maybe a ball bearing popped somewhere in the diff bit and and is now stopping the shaft turning.if I was near you I would pop over and have a look for you.
Thanks for the replies........
I have fallen victim to a winter lergy which is probably caused by laying on a concrete floor for 6 hrs at zero degree's Celsius.
I couldn't face it today and spent the whole day in bed shaking/shivering.
Hopefully will be back under the car soon.
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With the car up on stands, engine off, rotate the right wheel by hand and the left wheel should spin in the opposite direction.
Right quick update.

New drive shaft lasted 1 week (Q drive ***** from ECP) but was only £40 but expected longer life that that.
Anyone ever took a shredded drive shaft back for a refund?
I would take it back and say there taking the **** and that the shody drive shaft has caused damage to your car and get a freebe my local eurocarparts know me and I have taken stuff back to them and been refunded or exchanged.

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