cold start up noise


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Sep 21, 2014
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Hi as we all know it been very cold latley and this has happened a few times when i first start my car in the morning as soon as engine turn over theres a rattle i suspect that is starter motor but there a loud pop and engine revs high for a split second and then its normal again. Any help on this or is this normal in cold weather . Your replys will be much appreciated thanks
not sure on the pop and engine rev thing but the rattle is likely to be hydraulic cam chain tensioner. The cam chain tensioner is controlled by oil pressure and the tensioner tightens the chain with increasing oil pressure controlled by a solenoid.

It'll rattle immediately after start up until the oil pump develops the necessary oil pressure to get the tensioner working. I'd guess the colder the oil the more noticeable and longer it takes to develop the necessary oil pressure?
I know that rattle you mean that sound like a diesel car for a second its not that. Am aware of that.
Maybe your right when u say oil is colder so rattles for a little longer
Everything bang on with oil had it serviced 2 weeks ago did oil fuel filter oil filter iriduim plugs rocker gasket new sump gear box oil haldex oil with haldex filter change new ball joints new drop links and rear drop links too . New thermostat and oil temp sensor :)
Oh so its normal to sound like a diesel on startup then? I thought my car was dying
Yes all 1.8t range make this noise
Guys, what about a random knock that seems to be there on cold start and even during drive when idling for a min or 2? Has had new sump with oil pump and feeders etc, new rocker cover, new oil pipes, vacuum pipes, full service and no faults?
Do you lose power when its knocking??
It does loose power but the idle is a little irratic aswell.
Engine light on?? If so could be coil pack or a bad spark plug
Engine light on?? If so could be coil pack or a bad spark plug

The engine light is on mate but haven't had the cash and to get it into the garage yet. Had it on a diagnostic the other day came up with O2 sensor, engine coolant system failure and something else I forgot. But also has a slight hiss from under the bonnet which I was told is a worn injector ring sucking in air. I guess they're all linked and doesn't help that I just noticed a lot of oil on the top and down the back of the gear box and parts of the block too, looks like it's coming from one of the hoses at the very top, funnily one of the ones I remember having changed!!! Driving me nuts at the mo and I'm guessing all of this is all linked what do you think. Thanks for all the help mate.