Audi A4 Avant 2.0TDI '58 plate' Engine fault code P008800 - glow plug


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Dec 16, 2014
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Im new to the forum so Hello and new to owning an Audi.

I have an 58 plate Audi Avant 2.0TDI which has served me well for the past 12 months.

2 weeks ago The Engine Glow Light plug would come on when the car was at low revs in 6th gear on the motorway and also occasionally around town, This put the car into limp mode but was easily reset by turning off the car and re starting it.
This continued for 2 weeks but I then noticed the fuel economy and MPG were down by approx. 70%. I have took my car into the Audi dealership and they informed me it was in good hands and that they would charge me £120 for the 1st hours labour to diagnose the fault and read the codes.
Thet got back to me and informed me on Friday that the fault code was P008800 and that they have sent a TPI report to AUDI they said that this was for Audi to help diagnose the fault as it wasn't straight forward ) the TPI CODE WAS TPI2026879/10.
The fault code I now know is linked to Fuel rail pressure to high and Audi call me again to inform me it would cost me another 3 hours labour whilst they do exploratory work on the fuel system.
They have called again on Monday and said they are still looking into it and that they will need more time...... They have called again this morning and informed my battery is in poor condition and will need replacing at £165 and can't carry on working on the car until this is replaced and that this will need to be ordered and will take 2 days to arrive, they also said this may cure the fault but i can't believe this is the case ....

I'm new to Audi and realise my repairs won't be cheap from them but has anyone had any similar issues and am I really in good hands at Audi as I'm now beginning to think they're just guessing at the fault.

Thanks in advance.