Folding mirrors part number


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Apr 25, 2010
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Well I finally got around to my very overdue upgrades.

Stage II map done - 300 bhp. Not had much chance to test yet but already loving it.

Dial sweep and CD ripping enabled and 20 albums already ripped.

New chrome switches fitted and folding mirror switch, but when it came to fit the mirrors I got of fleabay they don't fit (gutted).

They were off a 2010 Sline but is there different versions coupe / Sportback etc.

Can anyone find me the part number I need for a 2010 pre facelift 3.0 TDI Sline Sportback Quattro?

Anyone want some folding mirrors btw:beguiled:
What map did you get done if you don't mind me asking? Plus sport back and coupe mirrors are the same as long as they're folding ones. I bought some OEM ones off eBay for an absolute steal and the guy selling them knew it, so he tried to blag me saying they won't fit as they were for a SB. This was a total blag so buy with confidence as long as they're for folding mirrors and you can tell by just the look of them as the end that connects to the stalk is angled.
Oh and if you buy some alu mirrors I'd suggest keeping the originals like I did. My last one was written off so I went to the yard where it was being stored and took them off again in 20 mins with the insurance companies blessing, and now I'm gonna put them on my brand new baby.

You won't get much for the normal mirrors so it's not really worth it, even if you are lucky enough not to crash if you sell the car or upgrade you can sell for the same price you bought them or just swap them over.

Unfortunately I did buy coupe ones and they didn't fit.:ambivalence:

I know they do an 8T version.

Went for the bluefin map and love it. Still very driveable around town, but great for those A roads.:undwech:
I've quickly gone off folding mirrors.
Might just be my colour choice (Suzuka), but they just leave a dirty mark down the door.
I've turned mine off.

Sorry for off topic.
TBH Only getting to go in and out of the garage and for when I meet a tractor on the narrow lanes.

Think this might be one 8T8 857 410 L 3FZ