2008 A5 3.0TDi fuel leak :(

Mark Williamsom

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Dec 1, 2014
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Hello everyone,

I am looking for some advice please. Had my car since mid Oct and love it to bits (1.2 Corsa before this) but now I have my first problem which has always been the reason I have bough brand new until now.

I have been able to smell fuel for a few days, first thoughts was the fuel which collects around the fuel cap. Then I noticed a fuel stain where I reversed park. Got down on my hands and knees and seen dripping. I would say a drip every second from under the drivers side footwell. My heart sank immediately :(

I checked it again this morning and the dripping had stopped :/

As it was a Sunday I drove to the only garage I knew would be open Kwikfit and asked if they could take a look.

The fella was honest and said its not a job they can deal with but did recommend a local garage and gave me the number.

I did take the warranty when I bought the car via Customer Protect linked with Halfords, I emailed the dealer and asked him to send me the booklet and all the other details. Car was serviced and MOT'd day I drove it away.

I drove to work which is 8 miles, remaining fuel dropped by 15 miles.

Could this be a filter? Fuel line or even worst. I have zero knowledge and can't take the car to the garage till thur and not sure when the warranty booklet will arrive.

Any advice would be fab.

If it's from underneath the footwell sounds like a damaged fuel line. Try putting cardboard under to see where the drip is exactly and then repair bandage as temp fix.

Have you dropped off a kerb or been over big speed bumps etc?

Good luck sorting.
I'll have to take a good look and see if it can be patched up for now it's just dark when I leave and come home from work.

No I still drive like miss daisy it still feels new :)


Car book into Audi £60 for a health check to find the exact fault then I'll ring Customer Protect warranty fingers crossed.

Hope you get it sorted soon.

At least diesel is coming down in price!

I struggle to collect enough Lego models now as have to spend £30 a time to get one. My daughter is not happy :p
If it's coming from under the drivers side footwell that is where the fuel filter is located. if it has had a new filter recently I suspect that they haven't refitted one of the pipes or clips correctly.
It's a 10 minute job on a ramp to get the plastic cover off to see whats happening. If it's been near Halfrauds then it's liable to be related to something they have done.
You need to find a good VAG independent garage who know what they are doing. Kwik Fit , Halfrauds etc usually don't have a clue.
Nice choice of car, going from a 1.2 Corsa to a 3.0 TDI A5 is a bit of a step up.

Thanks Karl I hope so. Car had its mot and service 16th oct so it's 6 weeks before the leak. I'll find out tomorrow.

I bought the Corsa brand new without even test driving it. Had the power of an Ant it had to go!
Well had the call from audi. Needs a new fuel cooler £255 fitted plus £60 to check the car. Time to ring Customer Protect Warranty see if it's covered :/

Well I would like to know how the fuel cooler is faulty ??. It's only a ribbed aluminium pipe that sits under the car . I suppose it potentially could have been damaged by some debris on the road but other than that can't think of a reason why it would be damaged. Good luck with the warranty, if there is a way they can avoid paying it they will.

The fella did explain but it went over my head to be honest. He said the covers were taken off and thinks the garage who replaced the fuel filter could of damaged it. He said they are keeping the car over night to charge the battery as well due to it been so low :/

All break pads are at 90% wear and need replacing at £260 which is obvo won't be covered.
ll sorted by Audi. Warranty paid out
got all new discs and pads while it was there. Didn't get charged the health check and fully cleaned inside and out
Bit of a result then. I strongly suspect the cooler was damaged by somebody man handling the filter off the car and possibly bending one of the pipes.

Cheers :) quick question. What bulbs can I order for the fog lights they are yellow and headlights are white :/
Contact Trups at EM Tuning (think they may be a forum sponsor on here). He supplied me with white fog bulbs for very reasonable price (about a tenner) and they're pretty easy to fit if you go in from the leading edge of the front wheel arch.
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