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Dec 13, 2013
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2 Questions regarding a Revo remap which I'm planning on getting done this Saturday...I have a 1.8T 163 which currently has a full Cobra cat back, 3 boxes down to one small box and am going in for a Revo stage one map, hoping to see over 200bhp. What effect will this have on the clutch?

Second question is what is the difference between a stage one and stage two remap?
Hi Christian,
The Cat back exhaust would offer any gains in terms of performance, for that you'll need to fit a complete Turbo back system removing the restrictive downpipe and cat, this is where Stage 2 software comes in, making the most of these gains. The best of it is that you can go Stage 1 now, then if you still want more you can get the rest of the exhaust system and simply upgrade to Stage 2 for the £50 upgrade fee.

As for the clutch, if it's healthy then it will be fine.

As for figures, don;t get carried away with peak numbers, as the peak figure does not reflect how well the car performs in the real world, in fact it's the mid range that is more important and hence we set cars up in the real world on the road, rather than chasing numbers on a rolling road.
Please have a read here for a greater understanding -

For anything further, feel free to have a chat with your local Revo dealer.

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