audi a3, bose sound system issue


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Nov 7, 2014
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I believe the stereo itself is a symphony II(6 disc changer). my audi is a 2005.

It basically wont play cds, i put a cd in, it makes clicking noises and it will come up "Error 3" and would not play any discs. Has anyone experienced this before? i have tried to take out the stereo but the keys i have are cheap crap from amazon and the stereo is stuck in there good!
Error 3 could be ******** tbh, I would get some decent keys, unless you've ******** the brackets already, then remove, unplug the power, leave for a minute, plug back in & test for error, if still apparent, pop the lid of to check inside, if nothing untoward stands out then I would say another unit.

I have a unit here that still works.
The laser probably needs a clean with a soft cotton hankie. Works every time on my portable cd players......
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Thanks guys il have a look this weekend when im off work!

How much would you charge for the unit?