Panoramic Roof


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Feb 18, 2008
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Hi All,

Does the panoramic roof have the ability to be fully blanked off from the inside so no sunlight can come through?
Yeah it comes with a blind so you can keep the light out
If you're thinking of speccing this when you order I'd say go for it. I use mine more than I thought I would and it really lightens up the interior with the blind back especially if you've gone for black seats and headlining etc. Think also about lunar silver - it looks the dogs with a dark mrtallic colour.
I do love having the pana roof but I would say that to call it a pana roof is a bit rich, I didn't have an opportunity to see one at the time of order and expected it to be maybe 6-7" longer to make it well...bigger than a boggo sunroof of years gone by. I see mini's with Pana roof and they go all the way back to the rear seats etc...
I love the pano roof - really glad I ordered it now cos I too use it a lot... It's not as good as the roof I had in the 8P tho - that effectively had a glass panel which extended over the rear passenger space too. The 8V roof I think is designed so it can be used for all the different bodies, 3/4/5 door so cost cutting is the driver not owner benefit. Funny how it costs the same as the 8P roof tho...