My S5 4.2 V8 Sprint Blue


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Aug 3, 2010
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Bicester, Oxfordshire
I have had the car around three months now. And haven't really been active on the site since i had my S3 8p2 Its an Audi S5 4.2 v8 It has just reached 94k miles. Quite High but everything is in order. And i plan to look after the car for much longer. If i had more money i would have bought a lower mileage one.

Specs are:

Full heated and Electric Leather.
MMI+ With reversing camera.
Bluetooth and telephone prep
Interior light pack
Auto light and wiper pack
B+O premium sound
19 inch alloys.
Milltek exhaust system

Here are some pictures.








Please tell me what you guys think.. Keep an eye on this thread as a lot more is going to happen here
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very nice colour, looks like it's been looked after with nearly 100K on the clock look like new.
Funny enough i test drove this S5 before buying mine! looked mint :) don't suppose if you know if the exhaust is resonated or non resonated?
So i got a bit bored and ideally wanted to wrap my dash trim in gloss black. My friend had some 4d carbon semi gloss wrap laying around so he let me take it to play around with. Some before photos


And after. Bare in mind I have never wrapped anything ever in my life. I will finish off some more tomorrow

Nice one with the wrap, was getting the trim off easy? Or how did you get it off? :)
It was very easy to remove just a slight tug and it pops off. I also finished the screen surround this morning took me 20 mins.
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oooooooooh i love sprint blue - looks ace :cool:

and a V8 manual to very nice :o.k:
Lovely color and very clean for the miles. I had a go with gloss black on my sons Corsa, managed to do the steering wheel controls but went down the respray route for the console, too flippin fiddly to do in wrap. You've done a good job there!
Do love Sprint blue, works well even on the big car. Looks in great condition. Interested to see what you do.

Has the head ever been de-coked? If not there is some very easy BHP on offer!
It has never been de coked I would imagine. I'm looking into getting a carbon clean. My brother is a mechanic and me and him could do it ourselves without the need to pay 980 which is the lowest offer I have had
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Picked up these from Audi today along with some red caliper paint which I will finish sometime next week.

The caliper badges on my car where caked in dust and the logo had faded so much that no amount of cleaning was going to resolve it. £51 for two caliper badges and clips
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That will make a big difference. I'm torn on red as the black just disappear so I've been looking into silver Alcon's (alternative is red), but still not able to decide which I prefer. Red should look good against the blue though so looking forward to seeing how they come up.
I was considering silver also. But I was thinking of changing the disks to vented and grooved silver ones and I think the calipers would disappear as much as black does against the terrible stock disks right now. I'm unsure about the red but generally it's most suited to stand out. It's something that can easily be changed.
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Love sprint blue. I've not long moved from an S3 8P to an A5 3.0 TDi Quattro S-Tronic. Would've loved an S5 but my commute to work has increased a bit so went for the derv burner.
There is a bit of drone but it's only when your in a high gear at low revs. Which isn't often. It has a nice drone to it not something unbearable

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