Quick Front Bumper Question(s)...


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Dec 2, 2008
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Cambridgeshire sometimes Hertfordshire
Can someone please confirm the following for me:

- Will a sport back front bumper fit a 3 door car?

- Does a front bumper with no fog lights still have the fog light fittings behind the the blank fog grills?

Thanks in advance. I may be collecting a bumper later.
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Ok in hindsight I should have put a bit more info.

My car is a 3 door sport 2004 TDI. The bumper I've seen is advertised as a 2005-2008 sportback bumper. My bumper has fogs but the sportback doesn't but I assume the fixings for fogs are behind the black grill section?!

Is this bumper a straight fit with a big grill bonnet?
The front bumper will fit but im not 100% sure it will have fitting for fog lights ask the seller to send you some pics of the bumper without blank covers on
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