RS3 latest models


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Jan 17, 2014
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Is there a new model RS3 model planned anytime soon, looking at crossing over to Audi soon, I was looking for any info please regarding any new variants, or when the next one could be be planned, new to the Audi scene, looking forward to the journey. thanks, Darren. :arco:
A few spy shots /videos of development cars in Germany are on the net, with what certainly sounds like the 5 cylinder throb.
But nothing you can place a deposit on yet.
Thanks for that Paul, how long has the current model been around and I presume the new model will be worth wating for. :encouragement:
Mine is one of the earlier cars and was first registered May 2011.

The new car looks like it will be amazing based on the snippets we've seen in terms of Nurburg Ring videos and the A3 Quattro concept for styling queues. There has been talk about potentially an unveiling in November at the LA Motor Show, but that is just continuing speculation, really.
Had a chat with Audi today, no new plans yet for RS3 only S3 and only new RS is the RS6 Avant ? So I will be on the lookout I think for newish plate RS3 :)
Mine since October 2011, and its a keeper... :thumbs up:

Nothing in any Audi UK showroom I'd swap it for... :think: