AUDI A3 2.0 TDi Sport


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Oct 2, 2014
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I just wanted to post my account of what happened to my sons lovely Audi A3 2.0 TDi Sport...because it will save a lot of heartache for other people......
The car has been fine for ages from when I had bought it (used) but then just started to just stop (in the most inconvenient places, obviously)
But when I went out in my van to rescue him it would start with a jump start! (a bit strange)
This happened at least 6 times and then he was reluctant to drive it after that (he is not mechanically minded)
So, a member of the extended family (who is a brilliant mechanic, amongst other things) had a look at it...
He has access to a proper garage with laptop diagnostics, etc and when plugged in, the car came up with the "usual" minor faults and also the "Camshaft sensor" report.
So, this was changed, along with the Camshaft belt (right mileage for that) + the Water pump (a job you do when going into that part of the engine anyway)
Everything seemed fine until it stopped again, so my man gave the car a full service along with changing the Glow plugs + cleaning out the fuel filter (which was choc-a-bloc)
All OK till it stopped again!!!
Now, I had experience in the past of owning a MB CLK, which just started stopping randomly - and that was cured with a new Crankshaft sensor!! (easy job - sits at the bottom of the Bell housing I think)
So a new Crankshaft sensor was fitted (BTW Audi call it an Engine Speed sensor and its a PIG of a job) and BINGO - all ok so far!!!
My mechanic invested in a new "live" Engine Diagnostics laptop at the same time which narrowed it down but I think we would have changed the C/Shaft sensor next anyway. The only thing we didn't change were the Fuel Injectors...
So all sorted now but I always had in the back of my mind it probably was the Crankshaft sensor!!! Typical!
Quite a troublesome engine the 2.0tdi, sorry to hear about these problems, many people swap the pump amongst other things for 1.9tdi parts (with some RS4 upgrades thrown in for good measure... well ok RS4 bits on small diesel engine's only includes me and a couple of other crazy modders haha, plus as your son has an A3 it'd probably be different parts to my A4).