3.0TDi Glow Plug Light Flashing


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Nov 10, 2008
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N Ireland
Folks, my wife was driving my car (08 A8 3.0TDi) earlier and it went into limp mode and the glow plug light started flashing. No white smoke or anything I believe.

I appreciate I need to get it diagnosed but can anyone tell me what the possibilities are that it could be?

Last night I had the power steering hoses off to replace the clips. The fluid was drained and re-filled. We also disconnect the turbo pipe and reconnected it straight away. I drive the car home after and it was 100%. I really don't think either of these could have caused today's occurence, but it's just coincidence.
It could be absolutely anything. Limp mode is to protect. If you've unplugged and taken things off near the turbo, go back and check hoses, clips and plugs. Any vacuum leaks would cause problems.
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Some developments!

I removed the engine cover to see if anything obvious had come off and noticed the connector on the turbo was loose. When I first had the car in with Audi for a once over they said the connector on the turbo side was broken.

Today it was loose and there appeared to be a bit of melted plastic round the clips. I cleared the plastic away and cable tied the connector on. Started the car and the glow plug light had gone off. Took it for a spin and limp mode had gone and the turbo was working. Engine light remained but perhaps it's because a fault was logged?

I had a good look at the turbo and from what I can see the half with the electrical connection appears to seperate from the rest of the unit. It has a different part number too.

Is it possible to replace just the electrical bit? I'd rather get this sorted and not have a temporary fix with cable ties!
I know zero about mechanical stuff, but from what I see on Google the bit with the connector is actually an actuator that bolts to the turbo. So I believe it can be replaced on it's own.
I bought it privately and it must've been like than when I got it.

Hopefully the actuator can be replaced separately.

You can replace the actuators seperately. The connector would need replacing as well obviously. This should be available from the dealers but as to what the part number would be for the pins and connector block I have no idea. To end up like that it must have got very hot there.


On Etka there is a part number 059 198 201A for a repair set servo motor for the turbocharger. I presume this is also the same as the item linked above.
Did a quick Google and found this article


Might be worth seeing what this comes in for from the dealers and getting a new connector as well.

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Thanks for that, very useful. I'll look into that repair set.

I can get a turbo and actuator for £200, or actuator for 150 euro. Hopefully fitting isn't too big a job for someone in the know.
Has anyone had experience of replacing the actuator or using the repair kit (part number 059 198 201A)?

I cant seem to find any other cases online.

From what I can see the repair kit just looks exactly the same as the actuator?!
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