Advice on how to remove the top control arm pinch bolt..


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Feb 9, 2004
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Co Antrim
After several hours of swinging off this bolt, it still wouldn't shift. it will turn from side to side, but won't slide out. Is there any tips or ways to get these buggers out?

here is the bolt, incase you didn't know...

Here ya go.....

I too had the same problem so I had to make a trip to the parts bin and hacksaw off.
undo the lock nut off completely then pull the screw head with pliers until it all the way out? might help to reduce the shearing load of the parts its holding together while removing the bolt
Have you jacked up the strut arm ? can reduce the effort needed.

Basically that is a pig and sometimes the bolt has got slightly bent (ask how I know) somehow.

We got the last one out with a punch (but carefull, the lugs on the strut can bend.)
Got it done on sat, Had to use heat on the arm. tried to shield the rubber boots, they didn't end up too bad. The bolt had nearly seized in place and came out completely dry covered in white powder. It was as if it had bonded to the aluminium arm...once out they were well greased before putting back in...buggers