TTS Mag Ride Issues


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Oct 2, 2009
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Took the car in for master tech to have a look at the rear end of the car.
On uneven road the rear is all over the place!
Hit any bumps or potholes and it seems to take a big sideways lunge.
Going in on 13th to possibly get the dampers changed?
Anyone else ever had this?
Car is 2011 with19k on the clock.
The dampers aint exactly quiet either.
Under warranty so hopefully they'll get it sorted.
I'm assuming its dampers and not the diff?
Any info would be appreciated, cheers.
I'm not too long back from holiday and when I jumped in the car for a little spin it did feel a bit 'loose', I know its probably exactly the same as it was before but the back end to me seems to be a bit unstable.

I'm just gonna put up with it and hopefully it will feel 'normal' again once I get back to driving it daily. Plus lack of cash to change it, its a 58 plate so doubt I'd get anything sorted on warranty...still fighting with them over the squeeky brakes.

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