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Mar 16, 2004
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Going on info from another post, G4JSG is getting 45MPG on a long cruise, and 35MPG average. I've never got anywhere near 40MPG even on a long motorway cruise at 70mph. I average about 28mpg on my commute into work. My commute involves 8 miles of A road and 8 miles of motorway. I leave home at 6:50 in the am to avoid the traffic, so my drive in is not stop-start queing. It's not like I even drive fast, and the only time I boot it a bit is on the on-ramp onto the motorway. Could there be a problem? What is the general mpg for the 2.5 quattro? My car doesn't feel low on power or anything, and I had it serviced about 2000 miles ago.
If I do 56 mph the DIS shows me getting 50MPG.

I have worked out the DIS mpg figures are around 4% over what I work out myself with how many litres I put in and miles done compared to the DIS average MPG number.

May car has done 43K.


We have had our A4 Avant 2.5TDI Quattro (wife's car) for about 18 months and overall it has managed 32.8 mpg. Most of this is local runs about 20 miles on a and b roads with a few longer trips. The car is not driven hard.

To add to the fleet I have just bought a 1.9TDi and driving it the 80 miles home averaged 59.3 mpg!!!

i average 35 on the way to work, half town, half a road. and 46-48 on a run at about 85 mph but then mine is fwd and manual. but is chipped.

I'm suspecting that all is not right with mine. I'm getting 27mpg, and that's on the dis. I do about 350 miles per tank.

Any ideas? It's been in for a service recently(dealer), and I asked them to check for any error codes, and they reported that there were no error codes.
Ouch! I get 24mpg from my 2.8Quattro and I thought that was bad (approx. 280 miles per £55). Our 1.9TDi (130bhp) averages 44mpg and we get between 500-600 miles per tank, suffice to say the quattro is relegated to short journeys.
Doing a few searches the consensus seems to be a combined mpg of 36 for manual, so you're not a million miles away. Add the Tiptronic and I'd expect 32-34mpg, add the short 16 mile journey and that'll cost you a few mpg. What sort of diesel are you using? Have you tried Ultimate Diesel from BP. I'd reset the DIS when you get on the motorway and the engine is up to temp, and try cruising at 70 and see what it comes back with, also the DIS could be under reading, so try filling her up doing a few journeys and then fill her up again and see if the mpg tallys.
I used to average 600 miles per tank in my 1.9 and my journey hasn't changed since getting the 2.5. I only use BP Ultimate, but at this rate I'm going to have to get el-cheapo supermarket diesel! I've got a long run down to the big smoke this month, so will check the figures after that.
So has the mpg been crap since you first got the 2.5 or has it got steadily worse?
something is not right, even if i rag the sh1 t out of mine it very rarely drops below 30mpg
So has the mpg been crap since you first got the 2.5 or has it got steadily worse?

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It's been the same since I bought the car. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/thumbsdown.gif

I've owned it for about 7 months now.
My A6 2.5TDi Avant quattro Sport (180hp plus chip) has averaged just over 33mpg on my regular mixed driving for the last 13000 miles, and 35 or so on a motorway run. If I drive slower (but why with a Sport?) I can get 36 or 37 but I rapidly get bored.
had mine weeks or so, avant 2.5 q 180bhp,
Getting about 28mpg or so around town but managed 36 to le mans and back fully loaded with a roof box!" think it just doesnt like the round town stuff much
well that sounds fairly good to me
My Allroad I get 21-24 around town 27 if I'm really lucky and 32 on motorway if getting a good run, Allroad of course much heavier!
Had it down to 14.7mpg in Germany but was doing 135mph momentum got me to 141mph must have had tail wind and going down hill!!

Had 25 mpg out the RS today was doing 40 mph over a 3 mile strectch set on cruise..but ouch got it down too 9.7 mpg..
Just s general comment but it seems that the 1.9Tdi unit seems much betterin terms of power for economy... or is it that fact that most 2.5s are quattro?
Its 'cause the 2.5 engine is
1)more powerful than 1.9
2)bloomin heavy
3)theoretically less efficient as larger and more cylinders
i'm getting 30mpg average with 36 best and 25 worst

thats journeys of 20 miles A and B roads driving as fast as possible ;)

car is remapped but just means it likes to go faster, not noticed any difference in consumption
I was getting about 30-32 in mainly town driving - rising to only about 34 with predominantly motorway long trips, which I didn't think was very good either. Best ever was 44mpg over 150 miles of slow motorway (I hate the M25!) which I thought was pretty reasonable.

Then I changed the Air Mass Meter a couple of weeks ago... straight away it does 35 around town. Then I did a 560 mile round trip in one day, 5 adults in the car, on a single tank of diesel. Got 40.3 mpg measured brim to brim. 90% on motorway and not cruising AT ALL slowly. Car has 100k so is nicely run in :laugh:

If your mpg is touching the high 20's I'd say something isn't right.