Strange Humming Sound


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May 17, 2014
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My new A4 is now booked to go back to have a check done as to a strange noise when driving? All I can say is it sounds like a humming noise when driving between 25 & 35mph and is a little worse under braking. It is not massively loud but it is irritating, possibly seems to be coming from front left of vehicle.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what it could be? It has been like it since day one but I thought it might just be new tyres bedding in! The car has only done 250 miles so not happy with having to return it for an investigation but hopefully it will be something simple
Got the car back, there was a droning noise which the dealer sorted. Apparently the tyres were over inflated, should be about 30psi but we're nearer 45psi!!!! Fortunately I have only done 130 miles in 4 weeks
Thanks for the update. Lots of people post up problems yet never tell us what cured it.