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Apr 18, 2013
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Sooo, Looking to purchase S3 Saloon in December so I took an S3 out for a test drive yesterday and well yeah I have to have one.

I drove the S tronic in dynamic and sport mode but only today I realised I didnt hear any burps / farts ??

Does it have to be in manual mode to get these as I just had it in automatic?

No, its just the standard noise that is created in the exhaust with S tronics?
Hmm, I wonder if it's something to do with what drive select mode you were in?

I should know (but don't) so I'm not sure if you need drive select in dynamic for the burps?

Would an S3 burp in Eco but the gearbox in sports mode and redlined?
see it was in Dynamic mode which is what confused me.

I think they both would need to be in "sport" mode for the burps but I could be wrong
Dynamic mode for the loudest burps/farts.

But if you do launch control, there are no burps/farts, instead you get faster, silent changes.
cheers for that veeeight, I'm sure the dealer had it in dynamic mode! redlined the the sh*t out of it but couldn't hear a thing. Might have been concentrating to much on not writing the thing off!
I hope the burps or farts are not conditional on buying one? Didn't you like the car? If you did like it go place your order quickly and the burps and farts should come. You could always carry a child or an old boy in the back, same effect?
No no certainly not! The car was amazing, I already own an 8v A3 but want the quattro and more power, also I'm going over to S tronic and the Saloon. I'm wanting the car to arrive around the June / July mark so I have something to look forward to when I get back off my hols! :) I think ordering in December I may get a better deal and time frame should be about right.

I have plenty of nephews to do the farting I suppose!

I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything when I was driving it as I didn't seem to hear anything but like you say I'm sure I will suss it out.

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