3.0tdi Engine Out... Preventative Maintenance?

Jun 21, 2010
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Nottingham, UK
I'm having my timing chains and belt replaced over the weekend to hopefully avoid engine failure at 140,000 miles...

I've had no problems since I've owned the car other than wear and tear, however as the engine is coming out is there anything that I could replace as a precautionary measure for relatively little cost and make the most of the labour costs already incurred?

It'll be having an oil changes, oil/fuel filter change and the low oil level sensor replaced (as it keeps throwing errors) whilst it's in the shop...


JJ, let me know how this ends up costing you. some time soon, I may need to bit the bullet and do something similar.
You could change the clutch whilst the engines out. Have you noticed any noise on start up or anything else to lead you to believe there may be an issue or is it preventative. Some pictures of the old parts would be good, just to see if there is much wear on the timing chain guides.

The parts have cost in the region of £850, and including labour I'm looking at a bill of around £1.4k. That includes the oil level sensor though... So say £100 less than that? That's genuine VAG parts from TPS and my mechanic is ex-VW. Apparently there are 4 chains at the front of the engine and a single belt at the back, the replacement kit includes upgraded tensioners as well as apparently the originals weren't that great?

Car is an auto so I could have the torque converter fluid changed, but from what I understand this needs to be done by a specialist as it needs to be pressurised. Also it costs in the region of £600...

The idea was things that might cost £25-£75 for the parts and take 10-15 minutes to fit which are otherwise difficult to access (water pump for example) which I could stick on to the bill to make it a round £1500 for a little extra piece of mind...

Sometimes when starting the engine I think there might be a rattle (which goes away almost instantly) however as it's so brief I'm never quite sure? The service schedule term 'lifetime' worries me, especially with reading about chains stretching over time and the tensioners failing. If it fails and the engine is knackered I'll be left with a bill which is twice the above, if I sell the car as it is it loses that in value, if I buy something else I'll only by another one as there's nothing I don't like or anything more I need from a car. Given the fact that it's sailed through 3 MOTs and never let me down.... better the devil you know etc... so I decided to bite the (expensive, possibly silver??) bullet.
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Water pumps go on 2 l and 1.9 TDI so I would do that,don't know if they are the same.
Woah £1400's crazy money, hope all goes well. Not to rub it in but my 1.9tdi's having the cambelt, water pump, pulleys & tensioners done on Saturday for £300 including labour from a VW specialist.
Woah £1400's crazy money, hope all goes well. Not to rub it in but my 1.9tdi's having the cambelt, water pump, pulleys & tensioners done on Saturday for £300 including labour from a VW specialist.

From what I gather that's a 'normal' price for the 3.0tdi, not cheap though I'll give you that!

What's the interval for the belt change? 60k? 80k? So you'll perhaps have to replace the belt twice whereas I'll only have to do it once... Although the chains themselves are expensive, the labour is costly as well due to the limited room in the engine bay and having to take the engine out to replace it.

Replacement Chain/Belt Kit £850...
Labour & Fitting £480...
Oil Level Sensor £70...

Right-foot Smile on my face... Priceless
It is the other way around, the chains are at the back of the engine which is why you have to remove it. I believe a typical life for the chains should be around 180-200K.

I t would be easier to do inlet flap kit x2 while its out, save your back a bit and cheap for a kit.
There are 2 belts at the front of the engine, one for the alternator, water pump etc and the other for the HPFP. I've replaced the water pump thermostat, tensioner and belt on my 3.0TDi but I've never heard of a water pump or thermostat failure on the 3.0TDi engine, the belt tensioner on my car was just about shot and glad I replaced it.

While you are there I would clean n out the inlet manifolds, egr and intercooler system mine was thick with gunk.... http://www.audi-sport.net/xf/thread...ebuild-and-repair-thread.211351/#post-2118561
As an update, got the car back and the work completed in the end was:

- Replace timing chains, belt & tensioners
- Oil & filter change
- Oil level sensor
- Power steering fluid
- Anti-freeze
- Water pump
- Thermostat housing
- Alternator belt runner
- Crankshaft main seal
- Transmission fluid

Parts £1009.93
Labour £550
VAT £311.98

Total £1871.91
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