3.0 Tdi Brake Replacement


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Nov 12, 2013
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Looking to replace discs and pads all round,
But noticed when looking for rear pads there seems to be a variety of options,
One set comes with "accessories" and caliper bolts, and prepared for wear sensor
The other set not prepared for wear sensor
None of the rear sets pictured show wires for the sensors,
And then looking at the specs the two different sets of pads were for different diameter discs despite entering my reg on the site.
Can someone link me to the parts i want. I'm guessing pagid are the brand to have?
This is a minefield on getting the correct size disc. Pagids, EBC (black diamond), Brembo are ones that immediately spring to mind. Look through your option codes to find out what size you need, vented or solid. There is another brand that A6 Chris used which is the same supplier for the RS6, begins with A but unable to remember.
To get the correct discs & pads just check your PR codes sticker in either the service book or where the battery is. The rears don't have sensors and you should always get new bolts with the rear pads. I've been using Pagid for the last few years and not had a problem.
I used Pagid on mine as well, to me seem to work same as the genuine pads/discs they replaced. Done 27k so far on them, mixed town/m-way driving.
From euro car parts do pagid come in pairs?
In description it says fitted number 2
Yes, you will always get 2 pairs, and you should never just change one side or a single pad.
I bought the Pagid items from Car parts for less http://www.carparts4less.co.uk/ they are the internet only part of Euro car parts, pretty much always cheaper for the same parts.
345*30 mm Pagid discs less than £30 each.

To be honest I've never found them cheaper, they have always been exactly the same price by the time you add ECP discounts that they always have running..
After a closer look at ECP the price stated is "price per disc" dearest pagid being £49 i think, at discount price. But again itll depend on what braking system ive got to determine which discs i need, back on shift so not had a chance to check but i can see me needing to order discs and pads all round fairly soon, slight warp on the front despite the pads being ok but finding the wear on the rear pads a little faster.
Front disc size according to PR code;

PR1LT 314x 25mm, PR1LG or LD 213x 30mm, PR1ZL or LH 347x 30mm, PR1LJ 385x 36mm (same as S6).
Ouch, £300 on brake parts

Lucky ive got VCDS, screw paying a garage to do it

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