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Aug 18, 2014
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Hi guys, as promised I've finally got round to getting the old girl washed and cleaned.

No idea where I'm going to start with the changes I'd like to happen, all depends on money really. Either way, starting this thread for photos of my whip! and showing anything I change on it.

Car history isn't hugely glamorous, but looks like this -

Vauxhall Astra 1.7 diesel, low pressure turbo, M reg, purple/blue
Vauxhall Course B, 1 litre, 3 cylinder (what a beast), purple/blue, S reg
Citroen Saxo VTR, 1.6 8v, silver, 2002, loved this car, left it all standard OEM, no chavvyness
Mk5 Ibiza Cupra, 1.4 TSI twin charged 180PS, Speed Blue, owned by my partner.
Mk1 Leon Cupra R, 210, Revo mapped, Black - a weapon of a car, so much fun to drive.

Then this car -






Thanks for reading,
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Yer its definitely PD140. It was originally my dads car from new (Audi ex-demo) so its been in the family for ~7 years. Good for me because I know its been driven softly, that its been looked after with no expenses spared and has sentimental value of all the family holidays and trips in it.

My Dads previous A6 before this did 240k miles on the same clutch and exhaust. Testament to my dads cotton wool driving skills and Audi engineering!
He picked up a brand new Q5 s line CR2.0 170 on Monday....


Anyway, enough about the old man... :)
Alex, car is really nice. Look forward to reading what you do to it. :) x
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Had a visit from JohnnyM100 yesterday. Found him on the VCDS map on here.

He was very efficient and knew what he was doing. I can highly recommend him if you are local. He only asks that you make a donation to one of his two favourite charities which I think is also quite a nice touch as doing these changes only costs him his time.

He updated the following on my car -
Reversing sensors on screen display - Surprised this wasn't just on by default but we agreed this was probably a money grabbing option for Audi to turn on at a cost. Now I have it without Audi's help :p
Alarm Chirp - Quite loud, bit more than expected but I like to have this on as I always walk off and get paranoid that I haven't locked the car and have to walk back again.

Couldn't update -
Staging/Needle sweep - Not available option on pre-facelift
S6 Wallpaper - Not recommended as can cause problems with MMI thinking it's one thing and dash cluster thinking it’s another
Wing mirror drop on reverse - Not available option

Not hugely successful but that's no fault of John, just the limited options available on my car. He also did a scan for fault codes and found that it came back clean which is nice to know!

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Who said not to have "S6 wall paper"? I currently have this on my A6 and now a little bit concerned.
I also have the same mods done to my car, the parking one is a real bonus and the lock chirp has stopped the wife asking "have you locked the car?", win win all round.
Also never heard about changing the start up screen to affect the instrument cluster, it's been done many times without any issue.
Ah fair enough, well John said he's heard things and that he didn't know for sure... My thoughts were, for something so small and not that important it wasn't worth only see it for 2seconds and its gone haha.

The reverse sensors and chirp are a great small addition though.

Got my missus to walk behind the car whilst in reverse, for science, to see the sensors going mad.

If anyone hasn't got this done, get on the vcds map and find your local ASN member. Its so quick and easy!
Hahah I done the exact same thing, get her to walk round the back of the car, oh how tempting it was hahaha...
Led to believe that not all modules support the reverse screen though.
Is that the thule aero blades you went for? Thats what I have. Tbh they are great.
Not sure what they are to be honest, they came with the car. They are a bit noisy! Going to but some surf board pads on them and leave them on to look all tour'y ha
Got hold of some magic erasers and I'm de-shining all the leather whilst waiting for missus to turn up. So quick and easy to do!