170 Tdi Strange Boost Noise - Any Ideas ?


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Jan 5, 2014
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Tyne and Wear
My 2008 brd engine 170 tdi (130k miles) makes a very odd noise when accelerating gently or feathering/coming off the the throttle, its hard to describe but sounds almost like a dump valve or the turbo blowing off into the airbox or possibly the turbo stalling. There's no noise if you plant your foot down or cruising at steady speeds, and the car pulls like a train with decent mpg as well. I've checked as best I can for boost hose and vac line leaks and all seems well.
Anyone had any similar problems or got any ideas ?
Mine does this faintly and so do many others, i think its just a trait some of them have? Correct me if i'm wrong though
Has it got a dpf if so has it been cut out?
I suspect it might but I'm not sure. The tailpipe is covered in soot and there's a puff of black smoke when you boot it sometimes. The dpf is still there and it doesn't look tampered with though
Sounds like the guts of the dpf are no longer there which leaves a bigger chamber before the decat which then makes your turbo louder mines the same, you won't see the work done on dpf as usually done behind the heat plate attached to it ! you'll have to go underneath and drop the undercover off to have a look. If it's bin done happy daze dpf filters suck:D
That sounds positive !
The noise is pretty loud sometimes and almost sounds like a scraping noise though, is yours like that as well ?
I'm pretty sure its not a mechanical noise, I know what a failing turbo sounds like after owning a golf bkd 2.0 TDI !
No scrapping noise with mine , but the dump valve resemblance yes. Get some to plug a vcds in and check your turbo out put your mind to rest mate
yes, that's the pipe, half way back on the right hand side as you look into the engine bay from the front...

What it does, no idea but assuming something to do with oil breather and emission control