Led Plate Light Bypass Loom Installation Guide (t8ups)


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May 27, 2012
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Kings Lynn
This small guide is to assist with installing a bypass wiring loom to stop any error throws on the dash when installing LED number plate lights. *this is for Saloon*

Credit - T8ups Loom available to buy from him on the forum

First remove the warning triangle at the clip shown. When the triangle is out, remove the triangle holder with the three tabs.

Then remove the plastic cover from the boot locking catch, this just pulls off.

Above shows the placement of the 8 clips that hold the boot lining onto the lid. doesnt matter where you start but a good tip is to get as many fingertips underneath the lining as possible and pull the lining toward you. The clips will just pop out.

The clips look like this

The clips come out of/go into these slots

when the lining is off, look under the lid where the plate light holder is and locate the wiring loom that plugs into it. remove this.

Take new Loom (Thanks T8ups) and plug this into the existing loom.

Plug this back into the plate light holder.

The new bulb attached to the loom tricks the error computer. It hangs freely so I added this tiny mod to keep it secure so it doesnt rattle against the metal and break. Also keeps it away from other wires as it gets hot.

Reverse process for refitting the lining. Best to start at the top however and get the lig springs lined up as shown. Then push the clips into the slots and they will just pop in.

All done. Warning free LED plate bulbs
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