Audi A2 Tdi Fuelling Problems

hollows wife

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May 19, 2009
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south yorkshire
repairing a car for a mate whos had trouble starting his a2 for many months from cold .one running its fine , it seems to be down to fuel run back .
its the older one with no inline fuel pump , so we fitted one with a timed circuit to prime the fuel system first , this seemed to eliminate the starting problem , but has know causes another problem , after the car has warmed up it starts to cut out and seems to be lack of fuel to the tandem pump.
. i seem to think that the fuel piping is incorrectly connected from the fuel filter as the return fuel cooler seems to go to the fuel feed not return . i also need to know what the valave is on the drivers side just in front of the rear wheel as there are 4 fuel lines going into this .
this seems to be the only model hat has such a wierd complex setup . all the other vw have an inlank pump that feeds the tandem ,then a simple return line through the diesel cooler back to the tank .

never seen so many fuel lines on one vehicle going to and fro from the tank

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