Revo Stage 2 Mapped But Only Getting 0.8bar Of Boost?

Only bypassed it temporarily to see if boost increased but it didnt so its now re-connected.

Resistor just to stop EML?
Removing the N249 shouldn't create more boost, it should help hold what is there.

I would leave the N249 connected, as it is and just make sure there are no leaks.

The very first thing I would do is unplug the MAF and go for a drive. Then plug it back in, and unplug the N75 and go for a drive.

If there is anything wrong with my 1.8t and power, the first thing I have always done is unplug the MAF.
....So the fact its at 100% duty means its basically allowing no boost pressure through it, in turn keeping the actuator from opening the wastegate to try and make boost, but its still not making the requested boost?

After a fashion yeah... its important that you take the boost request in this context too... for example... if the boost request is 2300mbar and the actual is 1800mbar after the turbo has spooled so 4k up lets say and the N75 duty is 95-100% then this suggests that either the turbo is tired, the actuator is not adjusted properly (very little or no preload) or the actuator has gone weak...

If this is the case then first port of call is to check the actuator preload...

As an aside... despite Jardo's exuberant nature there is a degree of truth in some of what he is saying... it would appear your tuner has left you a little high and dry here and while we can help as best we can they really should have done more than they did tbh..

Anyway... you really need to log in something like VCDS... I would see about taking the car back to the tuner as it can be run on the dyno and ask them to log stuff as its really tricky to work out exactly whats going on when you are running blind with no data..

Only bypassed it temporarily to see if boost increased but it didnt so its now re-connected.

Resistor just to stop EML?

If you are still seeing the mechanical failure fault code then the problem is most likely an overboost issue... its plausible they have turned it up to eleven and the boost on spool is overshooting possibly due to a tired N75 (have seen this before)

When you say by pass the N249 have you just unplugged it electrically? if so this is the wrong thing to do... as I explained before the N249 is designed as a safety feature to allow the ECU to dump boost if it thinks there is an issue... if you are constantly seeing this code return then it suggests you are hitting soft limp...

The N249 bypass is essentially just a case of running a vacuum pipe from the inlet to the DV thus bypassing the protection system... its done to clean up the pipework and engine bay and is supposed to make the DV react more quickly... its not a requirement on your level of tune though... the N249 must be left plugged in electrically though as fuel trims will not work if disconnected

Is the N249 plumbing bypassed? never really established this... and for reference... does the car actually have stage 2 pre-requisite hardware?

They were paid to install a map, which theyve done.

Er hmm..

Fella.. You PAID them to map your car not simply "install" it, not set it up and not check its function is as it should be laving you without the stage 2 level it should be. N249 faultcode is not the cause..

If you are being fobbed off thereafter your first recourse is back with them. They can do more than they have done for you currently.

A vag specialist will likely SAVE you money at this point, cutting to the chase and diagnosing the issue(s) quickly, certainly quicker than the poke and hope approach which you have at your disposal, without the correct diagnostic tools, and spares, and importantly Experience of the 1.8t

Find a local vag specialist, ideally who is also a revo dealer and one with a dyno, smoke tester etc so meaningfull diagnosis can be made

There are limits to whats possible advise wise without data or seeing the actual car

Your "tuner" at face value from how it reads here has done minimal work for you beyond simply flashing software into the car, and any monkey with a flash tool & laptop can do that, and it does'nt make them a "tuner" by any means.

See if they can log your car, vcds on the dyno, do smoke test, IF and only IF you believe they have suitable VAG experience.. IF they're Revo dealers and not vag experienced I would be most worried about their suitability for being a Revo dealer who's majority base is VAG cars.

Good luck
The reason I spouted off about this in the first place isn't annoyance at the OP, more at the "tuner" who supplied the map.

For me a stage 2 upgrade is all about enhancing the hardware to better suit the car, and it's the level of service and completeness of the tuning package.

It annoys me to see people flashing a map and leaving issues on the car, which are rendering it no better than a stage 1 flash and forget, because it is just against the point of a stage 2 upgrade.

Anyway, good luck OP with whatever route your friend takes.
Thanks for replies.

Okay im going to suggest he has a word with them and if required he can quote the statement on Revo website about checking cars health before mapping.

Even if its a case of removing map and getting his money back at least until this problem is fixed.

Only problem is, if its flashed back to standard it would be meeting the boost request as it is meeting 0.8bar just now, so maybe having stage 2 will make it easier to see once fixed?

Car has the required hardware- TBE, CAI, FMIC.
Did the car run ok with the stage 1 map?.
or did he go straight to a stage 2?

think going from stage 1 to 2 was/is something lke £45 iirc.
boost leaks on fmic?

stage 1 software upgrade for standard engine,
stage 2 needs hardware upgrades iirc downpipe, intake pipe and filter and others

An exhaust and a front mount doesn't make a car stage 2 material.
Just went straight to stage 2.

Hardware requirements: high flow decat, exhaust system, front mount and cold air induction- has all that on it..
Hmm unsure but dont think so. Revo doesnt state it needs that?

Im gonna send him back down to the "tuner" as im not clued up on the 20vt and dont have vagcom either.

Thanks for help, i'll post the outcome hopefully help someone in future,

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