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225 8n turbo issues?

mephisto Aug 8, 2018

  1. mephisto

    mephisto Member

    Picked up TT225 this week. Ran a quick diagnostic picked up some error codes about exhaust gas and disabled ecu will report detail later.
    Initial problem though is flatspots. If you give full throttle it's like the turbo won't spool up. Half throttle and it spins up and pulls hard. It's like it's overboosting? When turbo does spin up bit of a rattle may need investigating here also. Any pointers appreciated. TIA
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  3. EricTT

    EricTT New Member

    What are you using to diagnose issues?
    Vag-Com or a third-party tool?

    I also have an OBDEleven Pro that I recently bought. I am not so satisfied with that tool.

    Check the MAP sensor, N75 valve and the spark plugs.
    Can you post the VCDS log?

    No misfires?

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