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Aug 15, 2014
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I know it's probably been done a million times but my question is. I have a 2003 a4 avant which came without an alarm siren. Bought one off eBay and loosely fitted into the boot, no beeping sound to suggest the normal battery problem and alarm sounds as normal. Would it work if the batteries had leaked inside .Thanks for any advice, New to Audi you see. Gareth
Hi Gareth and welcome.

At the top of the B6 forum is a 'How to' section for of guides. There is a guide on how to replace the siren batteries. You can Google it too. Very common for them to leak. Whether the siren can be saved or not depends on how badly/long the batteries have been leaking for. Mine is totally shot as it had destroyed the main pcb so I can't repair it.

It's not expensive to fix. Just a bit fiddly.

I wouldn't bother. As when u do get it working u will realise how useless it sounds, mine was going of and didn't even know till i saw the lights flashing. Iv not checked to see if something is covering it but so i have heard they are pretty rubbish anyway

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