Show Us Your Beading Shots

Definitive Wax OCD Edition

One from mine...

And one from ShaunS3 that I detailed and gave a winter protection

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Here's mine. The first time I've waxed a car.

Blackfire needing on old car
Dashcam caught it running off :)

Sorry for the random music, I was on phone and had the mic enabled!

Seen best in youtube:

Editing the video in youtube seems to reduce quality a tad!
Quick beading shot. iron x, Clay bar, da with 105 then 205, 2 coats of fusso 99 soft by hand.


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Obsession Wax Hybrid 86 wax beading :)

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CQuartz Finest still doing it's thing. This was applied 26th July last year so coming up on the 1 year mark now. Well worth the money!

2015 07 13 085305
2015 07 13 085256
2015 07 13 085241
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2015 Skoda Rapid - Race Blue

Poorboys EX-P sealant

Washed Monday then decided to rain but got some beading shots
A couple from this morning (carlack)
WP 20150814 001
WP 20150814 003
This thread isn't limited to beads on paint, is it ;)

Not bad for a four-year-old after a little work under the bonnet...
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Some awesome photos in this thread - here's the best I could do with an iPhone at night ;)

snap.....single coat of AG high gloss protection applied about month ago, pic was this morning from iPhone as I left for work after overnight rain.

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today's pre wash rinse. I've owned the car 8 weeks, using a combination of nigrin and autoglym rapid wax. Looking to use up my supplies of these and get some fusso

Bonnet after two coats of dodo Juice rainforest rub... Good thing I did it at the weekend considering the weather this week!
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Lucas speed wax


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