So, what did you buy for your car this month?

A whole mountain :).

Transmission oil
Motor oil
Oil filter
Magnetic sump plug
Air filter
Brake fluid
Brake pads
Brake disks
Wiper blades
Rear wiper repair kit
Headlight wash pump
TT windscreen spray nozzles
Spark plugs
Coolant flange :)
White led bulbs for interior
Powerflex dog bone bushes

and i might end up buying more :( MFK coming up (Swis MOT).
Fitted 4 new tyres today.
Toyo Proxes T1r on the rear
avon ZZ3's on the front

I did the first two with just tyre bars, sweat and a lump hammer.
Realised it was a bad idea so went the unit over the road to use the pneumatic machine.....
Powder coated rear axel, wishbones and hubs.
Sub frame
Kw variant 3's
Federal tyres
Anti roll bars
Brembo discs all round

And hopefully polybush all round.
3" SS downpipe and sports cat
2.5" cat back system

Getting there slowly...
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May have gone and bought some porsche Carrera 4S twists
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