Supercharged badges on the wings or not?

I don't think black ones were ever available (from Audi at least).

There are two P/Ns one is for the red "square" and black script, what is the make up of the other one - I assumed/thought/guessed it was Carbon or Black with black script.

Maybe no need to answer that as probably you implied that "yes" to Carbon only.
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Yes, very good looking - as these are not Audi items, did they come packaged with the word CHROME and the brand VD on the packaging? I'm just curious as that is what the ones I bought, but have not fitted yet are (in red).
I'll have a look in the outside bin tomorrow as being lazy lol.
This is the link Audi Supercharged Badge Carbon Fibre Black Emblem S4 S5 S6 RS3 RS4 RS5 RS6 33c | eBay
You can tell up close though that they are probably copies, imagine OEM are better quality, but slightly out you can't tell.
They came in a sealed clear packet...

Thanks, no don't bother looking in the bin, I was just checking to see if they were exactly the same as mine - but in black. By the price, I'd reckon that they will have been made in the same shed, but mine were packed in a more expensive form of packaging, or my seller was a bit greedier! I think that mine were roughly £14 each.
Ah, lokks like same company as mine "DV" but your ones came with economy packaging - which seems to have saved you about £8 on each of them! Ah well, my packaging will get recycled - if that counts for anything, if and when I fit them!
Right, after reading, maybe AutoExpress(free) while wife was shopping(!), I was thinking, how about taking the ironic route and fitting an "Ultra" badge - only if your car has been MRC'd as the background to "Ultra" is meant to improved efficiency - and that is exactly what being to MRC gives you - am I right? (tongue in cheek), maybe just the one on the rear would do??