Rear wash/wipe


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Apr 23, 2010
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I have decided to keep my avant for a while longer so am addressing some of the faults i have with it at the moment.Autoglass are coming this Thursday to replace the rear window which has some delamination and about five heating elements broken (I'm also having the windows tinted so the rear glass needs sorting prior to this ).The washer does not work on the rear wiper but there is water to the rear of the unit since i tested it with the rear boot trim removed.My question is can these be repaired or do i need to change the wash/wipe unit as a whole?
New one - there doesnt seem to be a repair kit like for the earlier ones. Its not just the jets blocked?
picked up new jets this morning to try when i collected my electric window switches finger panel.
The washer jet just pulls off the wiper spindle, probably blocked. I got a motor from ECP for about £70 a couple of month's back.