Water leak under car


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Nov 12, 2011
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Just pulled my car into the garage and noticed a water leak on my drive.
After looking underneath there is dripping from the rear of the engine in the centre (looks like where the exhaust comes down from the manifold).
Does anyone know where could be coming from?
Car is a 2008 A4 3.0 TDi.

Has it lost any coolant?
It could be condensation from the AC if you have had it on.

Doesn't seem to have lost any coolant and there is no anti freeze smell, it's just pure water.
Yes I've had the Air Con on quite a lot today.
I have had the same with my A3. I think it's just the condensation draining off

That's good to know. I'll just keep an eye on it over the next few days and try it without the air con on.
+1 for air con water ... as long your coolant level is stable ... A good way to test this is with a bit of white tissue paper or loo roll ... get some and allow it to soak into the tissue if it's coolant it will add colour to the tissue and the coolant smell if it's condensation from the air con it will be clear and no smell ....
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Tell me about it, it's just one thing after the other.
Can't wait to get everything sorted, didn't have 1 problem with my A3.

Hope it's better than mine, I'm basically rejecting mine after the hassle I've had and taking my A3 Quattro back off the wife, I'm really going to miss the power but not everything else lol