Metal Rattling Noise Coming From Rear When Going Over Small Bumps - A4 Saloon 2007


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Jul 20, 2014
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About a month ago I purchased an Audi A4 Saloon 2007. It has very recently had work done on the turbo and also had work on the clutch done, but I don't know whether any of that would be causing this problem. Whenever I drive over small bumps or even just uneven parts of a road (doesn't happen on speed bumps though strangely) I get a metal rattling sound coming from the rear passenger side of the vehicle. It only happens when the rear wheel actually goes over the bump, not when the front wheels make contact. It is very annoying because it sounds even louder when the windows are open which makes me believe it's not an interior problem. It has gotten to the point where I feel I have to avoid drain covers in the road to avoid this happening! Has anyone ever experienced a similar problem? Any advice is welcome as I'm losing my mind trying to figure it out!

Please keep it as less technical as possible because I'm not the most mechanically gifted person in the world!
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In my b8 I've got the same issue. I might be a rear seat hatch (common b8's problem) or the strut mount.
In my b8 I've got the same issue. I might be a rear seat hatch (common b8's problem) or the strut mount.

Ive had a couple of people say to me that it could be an interior problem opposed to it being external. The only thing that's making me think otherwise is the fact that the noise seems much louder when I have a window open. Obviously made sure everything was fixed down properly on the boot first. Just hoping it's not expensive to sort out whatever it turns out to be!
Have you looked underneath the car? It could be as well loose exhaust heat cover. Just an idea. I know a guy that had same kind of rattling in this area. He took the car back to Audi and they did something with hole locking mechanism in back seat and cover the hatches with pvc tape.