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May 12, 2011
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leicester, uk
Hi peeps not been on here for a while as I sold my a4 and got a leon cupra, I'm having problems with my ignition barrel and asked on the seat forum but know 1 is helping so was hoping u lot might be able to help, my ignition barrel is got some play in it and if I knock my keys whilst I'm driving it makes my starter motor kick in, I've just burnt 1 starter out, I'm not sure what to change out of the ignition barrel or the ignition switch or I was watching a video on YouTube and after the bloke took the barrel out he started taking some other stuff out the housing like the steering lock and other bits saying they had worn or broke, I'm not sure where to start with this any help would be much appreciated
tuff to say without seeing it, Ive had ignition barrel issues in the past. Sometime contact cleaner can help. other times Ive literally strung it back together with tie-wraps and eliminated any play, at least until I could get a replacement.
Some play to you Might be completely excessive to me, In which case (and im not recommending this at all) I would look for a schematic of the barrel, and look for any faults within my own, then get hold of a second hand assembly and swap out the components which have either worn or completely perished. Without a schematic expect springs and pins to come flying out. again, im not recommending that you take it apart without understanding the procedure.

I expect that a barrel change may require a new key?! whereas a component within your current barrel may be replaceable.
Disconnect the battery first if your planning on investigating the switch.

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