Advice needed on B8 A4 2.0t Quattro S Line Black Edition Purchase


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Jul 15, 2014
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Hi All!

New here, after years of dreaming i'm finally in the right place to go and buy THE Audi i've been dreaming about. Am going to have a look and test drive this B8 A4 2.0T FSI Quattro S Line (black edition) on Thursday:

Used Audi A4 Saloon 2.0t Fsi Quattro S Line 4dr in Bristol, Avon | Autochoice

Love the colour and wheels but can't see the BBS in the original options for the B8 so i'm presuming they have been fitted after the original purchase. They look like AUDI Speedline A8 Alloy Wheels but can't be sure. Any ideas?

Also, would appreciate any feedback on what to keep an eye out for and what additions the black edition provides (can't find any specs on the this).

Thanks v muchly..

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I know nothing about 2.0TFSI cars, but, I've seen a lot written about them - and on this forum.

So, maybe aquaint yourself with what has been happening to others on this forum and elsewhere, maybe use "Audi 2.0tfsi oil consumption issues" as a search phrase.

By the way, I initially started looking at 3.2 Q A4, then saw sense and worked my way down a bit to 2.0TFSI Q A4 - but for some reason found that the S4 offered me standard a lot of what I was looking for, and as it turned out a lot more than that - I had always dismissed an S4 as being way above what I wanted, but that is not true.

Choose your 2.0TFSI wisely as it seems that the earlier cars were or should have been affected most, though maybe THAT car has been totally rebuilt and as such should be reliable again.
Well, it's not a Black Edition, so that'll be why it doesn't have black edition wheels, or window trim, or interior trim. It's just an S-Line.

That being said, I am unsure them wheels could have been a chosen option on this age of A4? But they are my favourite wheels anyway. They are more often found on A6's, but were an upgrade option from S-Line spec in previous models.
Thanks for the response fellas!

rum4mo - I'd read about oil consumption issues but thought it was only an issue for 2009 - 2011 models, guess I need to do some reading on that. Am I right in thinking that an engine rebuild would be required to permanently fix the oil consumption issues (will check but 99% sure that ain't been done). Otherwise you need to check oils historically been changed every 6 months/year + filters and really keep an eye on it during ownership?? Doesn't sound very appealing : (

I'll check out the S4 but had a feeling they were out of my price range and would be more expensive to run and maintain.

xs2man - Nice spot, ****** cheeky for them to advertise as black edition, I knew the wheels were different but had no idea what to check for in the trim. I'm guessing the window and interior trim should be..... black???

I loves the wheels, think you are right that they were an option in 08. You agree then that they are AUDI Speedline A8 Alloys??

Some serious ammo to knock the price down I guess but not quite so enthusiastic now. The oil is a sticking point.... who the hell wants to pay £xxxxs to get their engine rebuilt!!! Madness.

Time for all you happy 08 A4 2.0T FSI owners to tell me how wonderful this beast is with some good news stories........

Also managed to get a snap of the codes for this car from the book:

I'm presuming deciphering these codes would just give me the same results as registering the VIN on myaudi?
The wheels were a £200 upgrade option from the S-Line spec on A4's IIRC. And were commonly found on A6's. I don't think they were necessarily a A8 wheel. They were also made by BBS as well as Speedline in different wheel specs.

That car is apparently sold. Unless it's to you, you have dodged a bullet. I wouldn't buy a car from a trader who falsely advertises a car as a spec above what it really is. Whether they meant it or not, it reeks of a lack of knowledge at best, and fraud at worst.

Have a look at S4's. There will likely be little difference in running costs, but will be all the car your dreaming of.
Haaa haaa. Wow! I popped in at lunchtime today and it wasn't sold. They must have just updated the advert online this afternoon.

You are right, the sales guy shrugged his shoulders when I asked what the black edition included. He did seem like a massive pony tbh. Also think it was a little over priced for a 2008 with 79k on the clock and the history had a missed service. I did love the colour, wheels, B&O and nav upgrades though.

The search continues. If you spot any similar in the Bristol area lemme know. I'll also go take a look at an S4 and let you know how I get on!

Jees! I'm looking at 20k for a similar age and mileage s4!! Unfortunately I can't stretch that far. The search continues........
You are probably right in sticking with a 2.0TFSI - but a sorted one, I'd think that any big mod/rebuild of the engine would have been recorded in the back of the service booklet under "workshop actions" - maybe someone can confirm/dismiss that statement.

If you do get a good sorted one, then you should be sorted for a while, running an S4 while being amazing can cost a lot especially if it is a manual, the road tax should make your hair curl - but I feel, for me, it is worth it. Maybe stick with 2.0TFSI Q until you lust for more - and can afford it.

My S4 to me, is a modern equivalent of my 1991 VX Cav GSI 2000 16V 4X4 - yes all these letters and numbers were stuck on the boot by VX!
Jees! I'm looking at 20k for a similar age and mileage s4!! Unfortunately I can't stretch that far. The search continues........

For obviously selfish reasons, I'd love to think that these prices are typical!

When I was looking for my B8 A4 Q, I looked very seriously for about 6 months before discovering that 3.2 Q's were very thin on the ground, basically none regularly showing up for sale anywhere, and I was looking nation wide. My 2.0TFSI Q search lasted a few months before I discovered that the S4 was not that far away from the 2.0TFSI in terms of real world fuel consumption, the S4 search lasted for four months with me printing off complete info on all suitable cars going on sale nation wide. I almost bought a silver S4 from Pennine Motor House - before thinking that that car was probably the best parts of a few S4s! Then with my wife away on holiday visiting oldest daughter in Australia, "my" car appeared and reasonably local to me - grabbed it! I've no regrets other than I wise the sun would shine a bit more so that it looks blue - it is deep sea blue - AND NOT BLACK as some people think!!
Cheers for the updates Mo!

I reckon your right. I know I need to be patient but my MK4 GTI needs to be gone and I want some new wheels (oh yes.... I am taking a BIG step up) : )

I might look at used direct from Audi. I'm hoping the oil issues would/could be automatically sorted before purchase and if FASH then more likely get problems resolved. Guessing it will add at least 1-2k on to the price tag buying direct from Audi though.... *gulp*

Looks like some say for a few hundred Audi will will fix the oil consumption issue if the engine isn't damaged. Otherwise it's dollar dollar bill. I'll just need to make sure whichever one I buy the oil issue is referenced and fixed in the history (in some shape or form).

The search continues......
The 2.0tfsi is a stinking engine. But as has been mentioned, make sure it has had the engine work done as all 2.0tfsi's built between 2008-2010 suffer from it
Good luck with search.dont however assume that if a car is Audi used stock that it will have all the issues ironed out. A dealer may not know a particular car is drinking the oil.
Thanks for all your advice guys!

Will definitely check oil issues when i find "The One". Can somebody just confirm what exactly is meant by "has had the engine work done". Are we talking a few bit's being replaced by Audi during a service or an engine rebuild or what?? Views seem to be conflicting so would be great to get a steer from some 2.0TFSI owners.


If you are going for the 2.0T check it has had oil consumption test. The problem is between 2009 and 2011 models. If it hasn't had the test, check to see what the warranty covers, because there doesn't seem to be an issue with it being repaired under full Audi cover. If the warranty doesn't cover such issues, your bill for the repair could be upwards of £5,500.

It all sounds like a bit of a hassle, but if the engine has been rebuilt like mine or it doesn't have an oil issue, the 2.0T is a great choice.
Cheers Crazyfool! Reports are conflicting about duration, some say 2009 - 2011 and some say 2008 - 2010. Good to hear a solid bit of advice about what exactly to check with the dealer. Much appreciated.....

I'll be searching for some this weekend. Will update with photos if I find "It!"
The garage advised that they haven't had problems with Audi's registered after 2011.

I believe the 2009 engine was refined to be more economical and provide a bit more performance than its predecessor. I know my friend had a slightly older Golf GTI and he was reporting lower figures to me.
Right, so it sounds like it is down to a specific engine code or codes. The page with car info slingerp showed earlier was for a CDNC with a quoted output of 155kw. How does that compare with engine codes of the cars repaired so far in this forum, that might be useful information for someone in the future.

Personally, I would have thought that the last of the B7 A4 and the first of the B8 A4 would have different engines and that would be where the change/problems started - though if folk quote their 2.0T engine codes we can see if that might have been the case.
Good idea Mo, would be well interested to hear what other 2.0tfsi owners have as there engine code and any oil issues they've experienced. We might be able to actually track this problem down.

Well... Looks like the car i saw was pretty rare. I can't find any 2.0T FSI Quattro S Line =>2008 anywhere this weekend! Let alone with the extras that one was rocking. ******!!!!!! the weird thing was that car hadn't been sold for 5 weeks, then as soon as I posted the link on here it was gone within 24 hours.... weird!
Apart from Auto trader and Piston heads, where did everyone look when buying their Audi (not private)??
Why on earth wouldn't you buy private? You'll get a much better idea of how it's been looked after, and can use the saving to buy a PROPER Audi warranty. Much better than some indy garages toilet paper, sorry warranty.
Cheers xs2man!

One word I'm afraid.... Finance!

I was going to get a personal loan and shop around private but interest rates are A LOT worse when getting a personal loan!

Are you sure? I have always found interest rates on second hand cars to be closer to the 10% mark. Where personal loans you can get for as low as 4%. If you can get a dealer (independent or otherwise) to beat 4% APR on finance, then fair enough.

However, the quickest look on compare the meerkat sees a £12,000 loan over 3 years coming in at £722 in interest charges. You will get that discount just from buying private, probably with enough change for a year or two manufacturer warranty (assuming you buy FSH example).
Really??? Opposite of my research 10% on Finance is way over the top, been offered 5% recently. oh well. Will take another look. However, 4% loans are very hard to come by these days, saying that i've got great credit rating so you never know. Pesonal loans are always advertised at 4.X% but never turn out that way.... closer to 7-8%

Really??? Opposite of my research 10% on Finance is way over the top, been offered 5% recently. oh well. Will take another look. However, 4% loans are very hard to come by these days, saying that i've got great credit rating so you never know. Pesonal loans are always advertised at 4.X% but never turn out that way.... closer to 7-8%


Make sure you are not confusing the interest rate of finance at 5% with the APR interest of a personal loan, these are 2 different interest rates.

You may find that the finance deal at 5% interest is equivalent to 10-12% APR (ie double a personal loan). Make sure check and compare.
If you have an excellent credit rating, then get a 0% purchases card with a massive limit then. Put the car on the card (extra comeback that way anyway), and you just transfer the balance at the end of the period, for usually 2.75% of the balance at that time. Actually the cheapest way to purchase a car from a dealer.
The early 2008 b8s were effected by oil consumption too. Mine was built November 08, and registered in 09. All great since the rebuild.
Apart from Auto trader and Piston heads, where did everyone look when buying their Audi (not private)??

I think that I just stuffed Audi A4 S4 etc into Google, and then saved any sensible results - then checked them daily. I did print off any interesting ones as a lazy way of gathering some facts. You tend to find these sorts of cars come in fits and starts, so don't despair!
Save your self from the Russian roulette of buying a 2.0 tfsi and buy a 3.0 V6 Diesel instead, more power, more torque, better economy, very few reliability issues. I think the VED is cheaper too, but not certain on that, mines £170 ish. V6 TDI's generally have a good spec too as the first owners tend to add the sought after options.
Good hunting.