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Dec 28, 2013
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I have seen some wheels for sale and wondered if fitment would be ok for those of you who know a little more about offsets etc.

20" Rim
PCD 120
ET 41

Any good? My car currently is completely standard
That wouldnt work too well.
Because of the PCD you would need adaptors back to 112. Standard et is between 42 and 48 but with an adaptor you would be taking it down a fair bit to maybe ET 32 or 30.
This is a little aggressive, may rub the arches a bit. Especially when loaded but they would prob stick out too much to even look right.
Is the car lowered or are you planning on lowering, is it an S Line? It sits a bit lower anyway compared to say an SE.
In my opinion if your not mucking around with suspension 19's will be adequate, that's what I went for anyway.
19 x 8.5 or 9" at most ET between 32 -35 will be good.
Im spacing mine out to ET 37 and I will be happy with that
thanks for the sound advice. I will keep a look out then. Yes it is an s line but I defo want to avoid any rubbing so I guess 19s are the way forward.
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I don't know how but the Yanks seem to manage but they are squeezing 10's on the rear.
I very nearly bought a staggered set of 19's 9.5 rears but they were out of stock, I phoned a few other dealers and they said I would be pushing it for a 9.5 rear.
If they didn't rub the arch they would rub the arch liner, I couldn't be bothered with that in the end.
im really fancying the LM fakes/reps but heard some shocking reviews/stories
im really fancying the LM fakes/reps but heard some shocking reviews/stories

I am a little weary about reps myself. I don't have any experience personally but I am hearing a fair bit of feedback and trying to take it all in.

I guess you get well made reps and c-rap ones too.
im surprised tbh cus even the LM reps on ebay are still £400 for a set with no rubber which is still the cost for a set of any average alloys.

Heard of the cheap ones being made of poor metal, splitting and even breaking off at the studs
I've had dozens or set of reps and not once had a problem.
LM reps are weak because of their design.
Chinese reps I would steer clear of because they could be made of any old alloy, Italian ones are good though.
depends on the driving style and where you drive (and at what speeds) but in general I would avoid reps. Stock items all the way and considering C6 had been around for a while you could find very good deals on eBay and suchlike.

Btw I have S Line with 18" and 245 tyres and it's veryyyy bumpy... moving over to 19 or 20 would be like riding on the pedal bike :).

I've had at least 10 sets of replica alloys over a 15yr period covering over 150k miles in the process and not one alloy has failed me. I may have bent a couple going over a rather large pothole, but I doubt even a BBS rim would have stayed round after hitting the same hole!, it still held air despite the buckle.

All this avoid replica alloys is rubbish in my opinion.

But of course, if you can find and afford the genuine article, it's a no brainer. Reps are great for me, as when the tyres are almost down to the limiters, it's more cost effective for me to just buy a new set and sell the old ones on!
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so them for example are ok?

when googling the traders shop, on his actual website these wheels come back under the brand name "kingpin" appears to be an english company, may mean theyre ok?
i have seen pictures of these type of wheels coming away from the studs leaving the centre of the wheel on the hub, but i guess that could be due to overtightening the wheel nuts, which i guess is a common thing
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I'm running factory 255 35 19's on my Sline and impressed how smooth the ride is still, I was concerned about buying this car due to this, but once test driven it was fine.
Aye those wheels look awesome on the car, give it just the right stance
There you go couple of pics for ref.
I assume Sline is lowered as looks about 20mm lower than a mates a4 3.0l Quattro b7.
The only thing that rubs are the Audi mud flaps when fully loaded (I mean fully loaded) on a steep drive to the road.



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