Replace battery in key fob


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May 10, 2014
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Northern Ireland
I've had this warning come up on the info display on two separate occasions this week

How do i get to the battery in the fob?
My key is the same as this

or take key blade out and split the remote.
remove key blade silver cap by pushing silver button at rear of key. Turn back over so front of key is face up. Press black plastic 'button' fully (which was inside chrome cap that you have just removed) and pull sliding battery holder out. Replace battery. Reverse procedure.Done. For most procedures/information,as below, check handbook first.
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Cheers lad, had a spare battery from one of my previous cars. Jobs a good un' :icon_thumright:
I know you might have well already changed the battery but I've had my car say the same thing as I always keep the key in my pocket but after a long journey with the key in the dash it seems fine. That was a few months ago to.
On a slightly differant note, does anyone know where the key reciever is in the convenience opening is playing up ta

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