My A4 B7 2.0TDI S-LINE 1 week in to ownership :)


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Jul 7, 2014
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Hi all,

may aswell start a thread as i always say im keeping my car as is but then it quickly gets out of hand and before i know it it looks nothing like it did and im in trouble with the wife :D

a week ago i decided to sell up my classic subaru impreza after finally getting bored with the jap scene and wanting a major change

so a friend had this 55 plate black b7 tdi s line for sale and i couldnt resist after loving the car since he bought it :)

coming at a bargain mates rates price of £4500 with

full service history
98k on the clock
a new uprated oil pump
new cam chain and cam belt with all tensioners and pulleys/water pump
new clutch and flywheel
new discs and pads all round with 2 front callipers being refurbed also
new starter motor
new injectors

and a full service inc all filters and glow plugs and fluids

so i snapped it up
and it looked exactly like this

anyway i got it home and first things first gave it a good wash and wax and an inside valet

and it looked like this :)

i since have done the following

added a new pair of number plates without a load of logo's or bmw badges on lol like originals had :(
fitted a seat leon cupra splitter
bought a set of 9x19" rotiform blq reps fronts et30 rears et25 all wrapped in new 235/35/19 tyres
fitted led number plate lights as mine were both out
gave the engine a good clean and platic treatment which now looks lovely :)
had a twin 3" powerflow exhaust made on the car (only have the left side on at min as awaiting new diffuser with twin cut outs so can have other side built on the car,
painted the rear tow ring red :)
refurbed the wiper arms and fitted new bosch aero blades
changed rear view mirror to black
added an s line tax disc holder too lol even though its pointless
added s line mats and s line pedals currently awaiting custom foot rest
fitted stainless drivers door handle cover and lighter cover
have a push button start that will be fitted in the next couple of weeks
and have a pair of us spec rear lights sat here ready to fit :D
also just purchased the dtm spoiler for the s-line bootlid :)

i also bought a pair of led rear lights but really didnt like them so removed them and decided on the us spec these are them

and it now looks like this

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Best part about this... The difference a good wash and wax makes. You've picked up a gem there mate!
looking good

very clean

but the rear lights arnt us spec lights there aftermarket lights still look the part tho apart from the black other.

did you get the rep DTM spoiler as if its oem it wont fit the s-line lid.
thanks guys them led aftermarket lights i sent back as i didnt like them lol

i now have the us spec 1's on with the red indicator :D

and dtm spoiler is a fibreglass replica but fits great :)
thought i would update with a couple of pics of the car now

now have the red us spec rear lights fitted :D also have my dtm spoiler fitted now

and my favourite little addition a range rover evoque engine start stop button fully working too :)

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thanks mate :)

got fk coilovers on the way also got a twin rear diffuser to go on and my other side of exhaust made to match this side

then its in to get a tidy up and some of the panels resprayed at work and my wheels are going gloss black and got a pair of lambo 8 pots to go on the front too :) headlights are also being split and amber removed and painted gloss black on the inside :)

then im pretty much done lol apart from i wanrt a full black leather interior
Which led number plate lights did you use? I'm looking for some for my s4, but don't know which ones to get there's that many to choose from!
Looks like you've picked up a real gem there mate. Like what you've done since :)
How did you fit the start stop button!
I've always admired these and had an urge to fit one!