Audi A4 B6 with DIS 2004 - High Beam Issue


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Oct 8, 2006
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My high beams have stopped working. as in the push left stalk forward.

They work when i pull back the flash function but nothing when i push it forward.

Question is should they work without any headlights on i.e sidelights?

No idea when they stopped working. Googling has suggested the Headlight switch is gone but thats £xxx on whim!

With VAGCOM i can see the actual stalk switch changing on and off but the light outpost not changing.

Any Ideas?

Where are you based? You might find someone who can test theirs in your car.
Durham - Has anyone suffered anything similar; surely if it was bulbs or fuses or relays the flash would also be off? Confusing....

Also there seems to be a really specific type of switch required in my car 2004-> With DIS 8E0941531A. Anything other seems to also have issues ****** Audi.

Should full beam come on with lights off? As in O on rotary dial or are sidelights at least needed?

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You will need dipped lights selected on the switch for main beams to work.
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So if my headlight switch was faulty; i.e when I turn dipped on it takes 5 seconds to power the lights on or show the dipped light green icon on dash this could be part of the issue.

Looks like the car thinks the dipped lights are not on so hence its not activating full beam.

Ill have to order a switch...