my audi a4 2.0 170 b7 is lagging, could it be oily deisal.!!!!!

Chrissy a4

audi a4 chrissy
Oct 27, 2011
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County Durham
Hi i am just wondering if anyone knows about this problem, i have a audi a4 2.0 170bhp 2007 87.000 , it is really lagging with power noo lights no fault codes in the process of fault finding found realy dark diesel amd this car has never seen anything but the fuel from the pumps looks to be oiley diesal can anyone help me out?

Much appreciated chris
Diesel is more 'oily' or thicker then petrol anyway. Could be air flow sensor, turbo actuator, best to give it to a specialist.
Maybe just service it and use some good fuel/addatives to flush the bad out.
Change fuel filter as well. I ran a diesel purge on mine as well
In a nut shell diesel is diesel, dont get sidetracked by the colour of it, so log as theres no water in it, it should be fine.