Haldex powertrack insert ??


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Dec 24, 2011
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Has any one heard of this and does it work it claims to give 50/50 power front to rear surly can't be that easy??
Heres the ad

Dear customers! We developped, created and are now selling the Powertrack Insert for more than a year now with only good comments so far! Thank you for your interest and support!
The Powertrack Insert is a new product in the Quattro / 4motions and other brand names of the Haldex LSC AWD first / second generation system world. Powertrack Insert delivers the most rear traction possible of ALL the products available on the market at a fraction of the cost.

How it works: Powertrack Insert changes the tune of the hydraulic system to increase the power delivered to the Haldex clutch instantly. The result is an instant response of the rear traction with a power distribution of 50/50. With Powertrack Insert you get the fastest reaction and strongest rear traction available. Improvements are especially great for modified high powered cars but also for stock cars. Fastest delivery high pressure also reduces clutch wear by limiting clutch slip and low intermediate pressure situation.

While drastically improving snow traction, loose surface traction and launch from stop, it remains smooth enough to be used on a daily drive vehicle and will go unnoticeable on most of the low speed situation like parking or tight turn. Electronic features of your car like: ESP/Traction control and ABS will work as long you don’t disengage it. The Powertrack Insert is also completely reversible, just reinstall your original insert and you are back to stock.

Powertrack Insert installs in about one hour without the need to lower the Haldex unit and you don’t have to refill or change Haldex fluid. (While being a good idea if your car is due for maintenance)

Powertrack Insert is not a locker for your differential, it's a traction ennancer. The action of the device is maximized by the front wheel splippage but the reaction is instant and maximum!

* Powertrack Insert can be installed on any OEM controller. Two kind of insert models exist and both are available. Be sure to use the appropriate one. Visit our Youtube channel, a “How to identify the right insert for your car/controller model” video is there to help you. This listing is for circlip model. 17 mm hex head is also available. Circlip models are mostly used on 2002 and later models years.

* Powertrack Insert can be also used on an aftermarket controller: If you already have an aftermarket controller, you can still use our product as long you have the appropriate insert type. Therefore you won’t benefit from the variable delivered rear torque provided by your aftermarket controller anymore as it will work exactly like an OEM unit upgraded with the Powertrack Insert.

*Powertrack Insert will make a rear axle swap working without the need of electronics. Powertrack Insert can make a rear Haldex LSC work as a “mechanical stand alone” on a car that wasn’t designed to work with the rear Haldex. Contact us if you are doing that kind of project and we will tell you how to easily wire your electronics and enable to select a front/rear 50/50 traction or FWD traction just by the flick of an ON/OFF switch.

We invite you to visit our facebook page and to like it! Lots of questions have been answered there. Also a couple of link to independent customers testimonies.

To see the behaviors of the Powertrack Insert, just type his name on Youtube to see our various videos.

Will fit on all car models that was equipped with the Haldex LSC first / second generation, be sure to use the right insert:

Audi TT Quattro first generation (1998-2006)

Audi A3/S3 Quattro (1999-2003)

Volkswagen R32 MkIV and MkV (2002,2003-2009)

Volkswagen MkIV Bora/Jetta/Golf 4motion

Volkswagen Sharan first gen

Volvo: all models with first generation Haldex

Skoda Octavia: first generation

Seat Leon / Cupra 4: first generation

Your satisfaction is very important to us. If for any reason you are not satisfied of your purchase, contact us before leaving a negative or neutral feedback.

All payments must be made via PayPal. Be sure you understand everything before buying, don’t hesitate to contact us BEFORE. We will be glad to answer all your questions! We are there to help and to support you on your project!

Discalimer: Powertrack insert is an aftermarket off-road component that will changes the way your car behaves. When you install it, you take all the responsability and liability of any kind in case of accident, mechanical failure or consequences that could happens. We won’t be liable in any ways of car failure, parts breakage, injury or accident. If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact us first.

** See our other items if you need to repair your precharge pump / cargo pump ** Rebuilded pump available and electric motors available... **

**We can combine shipping when purchased with a motor or a pump, just ask for your quote!**

**New lower shipping price: 12.00$ air mail shipping to everywhere in the world! Canada and continental US get a tracking number, no tracking offered at this price for other locations. We can offer you about any shipping service you want. Need your parts fast or need a tracking number? Ask us for a quote!**

Our name speaks for itself! We are the first generation Haldex specialists! We are here to help you and support you with your repair or upgrade of your Haldex system! We ship all over the world and stand behind all we are selling! Be sure to buy from the pros!

Thread on the TT Forum

Keeps the V184 motor/valve closed to force max pressure to the clutch

The maker is on the thread under username 2west

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Don't bother as you will have to pay tax and duties on it

You can get them in the UK from someone on here :whistle2: someone very close thats posted in this thread :o.k:
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haha, i see the benefit of the standalone haldex thingies but only on a car that didn't have haldex and has been converted
Don't bother as you will have to pay tax and duties on it

You can get them in the UK from someone on here :whistle2: someone very close thats posted in this thread :o.k:

And how much does this person sell them for? :rockwoot:
think they were around £60 inc p&p????? but someone else may know better....just reading old thread.
Is that not going to overheat it - they are fragile at the best of times??
Is that not going to overheat it - they are fragile at the best of times??

The Haldex system is far from fragile. As long as the breather pipes are clear, correct level of haldex oil i'e not bone dry and serviced then it's should be fine.

By the way you can get the inserts cheaper on eBay as I posted a link in another thread on here.
I have one of those but still didn't fit it yet. I am concerned about the cornering abilities with 50/50
i was thinking of getting one but with it being a daily driver i dont think it would cope too well and kill it eventually

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