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Mar 13, 2013
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So i figured I should really put together a wee build thread for my golf.... its not going to be an epic build ending in a beautifully restored concourse example, that was never going to be part of the plan.

Decided way back at the tail end of last year that I wanted to hunt down one to use over the winter to keep the miles off the A4 and keep that 'nice'. Thats right...... I decided to buy a 24 year old, petrol golf to use as a daily to keep the miles off my modern economic DERV. Its bizarre logic I know!!

Anyway - the aim was to find one that was neither a 'cheap' car in a million bits needing months of work, nor an expensive car which was more worthy of keeping 'nice' than the A4. So, i went on the hunt for something that was ready to use and in respectable condition..... cos at least that way i'd not need to spend any more money on it..... right?!?!

After and early morning flight from Edinburgh to Southampton - this is what I ended up with.




It certainly wasnt a minter - but it was as described by the seller and actually a bit better than i'd hoped for. The red wheels were a bit love / hate - but they were at least straight and freshly refurbed. Wasnt keen on them at first, but they did grow on me a little. Not that it mattered as they werent part of the plan either!

Few bits and pieces done that i'd have done anyway..... 16v rear lights, single headlight grill, cross hair headlights, exhaust etc etc.

Anyway - the plan to not spend money on it didnt last long, and within a month or so - i'd sourced a replacement interior for it as the drivers seat had seen better days. Preferred the fabric on the old one if i'm honest - but the new one is much cleaner and tear free.



Next to go was the standard steering wheel. Out it went and in its place went a 280mm Momo Team. Used to have one of these on my 106 back in the day - forgot just how small they are, but I love it.



The bumper plastics had seen better days - and to be honest, they've probably gone past the point of saving, but with a heat gun and various different combinations of peanut butter and shoe polish and back to black, they can be brought back to life..... at least for a while. Ultimately, they'll need painted or replaced though.



Another love / hate part of the car was the yellow headlamp film. In some ways I found it kinda quirky and it gave the car part of its character - but I decided that it would look better without, and I think it cleans the front up nicer without it.



Then came the fun part. Sourced a set of G60 arches from VW Heritage and got my hands on what I thought was a bit of a bargain set of banded steels..... from bulgaria. After a bit of chopping and fettling - it looked something like this.




Sadly however, the steels seemed to have a bit of a wobble in them. I'd looked in to having them machined to fix the problem, but decided i'd rather just get a fresh set made up.
Got in touch with Banded Steel Wheels down in Devon, and got them to sort me out with a new set. Brand new steel wheels this time to avoid any issues. This is the end result - 15' 6j, banded out to a 9j and with a final et of about 15 I think.


Finally got tyres on them last week and got them on to the car.... this is pretty much how it sits at the moment (although its had a good coat of polish since these pics!)





It started off as a cheap wee winter runabout - but its kinda escalated beyond that now..... I love this wee car to bits. Its everything the A4 isnt, and vice versa. As much as I love the comforts of the A4 and just rolling about in that...... jumping in the wee Ghetto Hoor and going for a blast will always bring a massive grin to my face, even just in its 8v guise :)

So where from here.....? As much as I'd love to be able to say its finished, I suspect i'd be kidding myself. Started doing a bit of reading on 20vt conversions and I think thats probably the next big change to come - if i cant get it to about 200bhp, i'll be happy.

Beyond that, I suspect it'll end up stripped and caged and lapping Knockhill - but thats a long way off just now :)

Will try and update with some shinier pics if I can!
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Love that,great to see someone cherishing an older vw.
i'll keep my eyes on this thread with interest:applaus:
Thanks for the offer mate, but not needed at the moment.... will bear it in mind though :)
So..... another small change last weekend. Kinda expected this to cause a bit more controversy than it has to be honest.... but its generally been pretty well received.

The backbox was looking a little bit tired, and its been a running joke around the garage that I've claimed letterbox style tailpipes will make a comeback sometime soon.

There just so happened to be a spare one lying around...... and it just so happened that we decided the lines of a Mk2 leant themselves to one.

So this happened...


Its just been bodged / butchered on to the old backbox, more as an experiment than anything else..... but...... I cant help but think it works well!
Looking good mate, I will get another mk2 one day soon (as soon as i can persuade the missus)!!

Backbox looks sweet too.
Yeh that backbox looks great,very different to the norm.........great stuff!

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