Rattle/Vibration from Subwoofer


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Nov 12, 2011
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My B8 doesn't have the B&O system, just the original concert headunit and speakers.
I believe there is a sub in the boot somewhere.

When there is a slightest bit of bass, there is a rattle (sounds like the shelf).
Has anyone had this problem? Don't really want to have to buy new speakers.
Maybe some sound dynamat could sort it if I knew where it was coming from.

Hi Chris
I had the same problem. I've a 63plate with the standard Concert unit. I was told by the master tech that it's a common issue. The slightest bit of bass would result in it vibrating. Very annoying! It's definitely the shelf rather than the speaker. I had the shelf area packed with sound proofing tape which seemed to curse the problem. Loads of packing though!
With the music playing if you push the shelf from inside the boot you'll hopefully notice the noise stops.
I had vibration in my S5, turned out it was the boot light in the rear shelf vibrating. I ended up putting cloth tape round the aperture and it improved significantly.

I do think the sub is in too much free space which tends to make it sound overblown so I'm not surprised they end up rattling a bit. Quite fancy Dynamatting my rear shelf. Did you notice any improvement in bass control when you proofed the rear shelf?
Evening all.
In my case the tape definitely helped, but then there was a considerable amount used. Every bit that was likely to vibrate was taped. The underside of the parcel shelf was taped too. It's as if the shelf isn't stiff enough and easily vibrates. A friend of mine had the same problem. He just tapped the underside of the shelf and so far it seems to have done the trick.
I removed the boot light today and that made no difference so must be the actual shelf like you say.
Which tape did you use to sound proof it?

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