2.5 tdi tuning box. Dte systems


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Sep 9, 2009
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beverley,East yorkshire
Has anyone any experience with dte systems tuning box. I have the chance of a second hand one for a good price, but not sure how or where it fits. Which connector does it tap into?
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To be honest i don't know. It certainly feels slower now though and the mpg has dropped 2 mpg.
I've started it a low price because it has no manufacturers name or numbers on it either
They normally give you about 40-50bhp more performance and a rise in MPG under normal driving conditions but this rise is relative to how you drive obviously. I once had a customer who complained that he got a reduction in MPG.......turns out he was booting it everywhere he went and refused to accept this......#thickasmince
Is it worth buying one? I'm interested in yours @quattrodave.
I have tried 2 of them .Both s/hand and good makes.One was from the original Tuning box Co_Of course I don't know how old they were but both failed after about 2years due to break down in the wiring which gets a lot of heat where it fits on top of the engine.I wouldn't try another cos the sudden loss of power isn't good and the difference they make not big
I'm still unsure on whether to or not. I mite just to see.