Quick Raspberry Pi set up to keep the kids happy on long journeys

rich dj

2015 A4 Avant 2.0TDI SE Quattro 190 Technik
Jul 28, 2006
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1x cigarette lighter plug to 5v 1A or more USB adaptor
2x cheap monitors on brackets with quick release tie wraps
1x Long 3.5 to phono stereo lead for video and mono sound
1x short lead of the above and stereo to mono phono adaptor
1x USB lead for Raspbery Pi
1x mouse and USB extension
1x 32gb stick with movies on
1x Sd card with Raspbmc loaded for XBMC to work

= Happy kids = happy parents :)


Also 1x 3.5 to 3.5 lead to link monitors
1x modified monitor power leads connected to cig plug with internal fuse
Back in my day, we got told to shut up and count **** out the window... *mumble mumble whippersnappers mumble*

Nice use of the pi though :cool:. My solution thus far has been Android tablets, cig socket chargers, and a USB-powered portable router with USB storage.
Did you bother with any power management for the pi, like a switched live to power the unit on and off?
I connected it to the rear boot socket as it needs to be shut down after use then I unplug it.
Also just pull out the power lead and A/V connectors leave them in the car and take mouse and Pi to hotel etc use Pi power supply and Hdmi or standard video and audio with or without scart adaptor depending on the TV and grab beer and if your stuck in the hotel with the kids films sorted.
If anyone needs the 50hz Pal mod so it works with pal using standard video cable (composite yellow lead) let me know. You just have to modify a file or I can send you it.